Saturday, October 18, 2014

day two sucks

I fought temptation and won. last night I wanted ice cream and almost went to Wendy's for a float, but i wasn't trying to crack a new challenge on the first day. when i got home, i had a craving for peanut butter. but I sipped my water and played skyrim instead of getting up for a lil sammie.

lunch today wasn't great, bunch of fried food from Captain D's. it was across the street from my last errand today (half of which i didn't even get done), and I can't remember the last time I had D's. it was a lot of food though and i ended up giving the rest of the fries and a long ass fish fillet to the little. between lunch and dinner, i had a coconut water, and another one with dinner. a nice boring ass salad with a little shaved turkey thrown in and a pack of seaweed. yum yum.

i feel shitty. i'm tired, my head hurts, i'm thirsty and i'm hungry. i think i came down off food too fast. part of this may also be due to my stupid lady time, so i'll have to gauge how i do after it's over compared to now. i want another helping of salad, but my next meal won't be until 12 tomorrow. i'm thinking i want a doughnut at breakfast at church tomorrow though. just... slip in that one little morsel with a cup of coffee. damn that sounds so good right now.

when i think about it. it's a pretty extensive gap between meals. one at noonish, the next around 730-8 in the evening, then the long 16 hours to the next day. luckily i'm asleep for some of that span.. if was a daytime person, that would just be breakfast and dinner.

i may reconsider a third meal, but i can't eat at night when i get home anymore. too late and too close to sleepy time, it just goes to fat. and i can not get up any earlier, especially not just to put food in my face. with my schedule, there just isn't time for another one that wouldn't be right next to one of the other two. and i don't want to get into a habit of snacking. healthy or not. that shit makes me feel like a cow, grazing all damn day.

ugh, not sure what the fuck i'm gonna do. but it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't hard, i guess. two days down, 19 to go. it doesn't sound too bad. stay with me, make sure i don't die...

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