Tuesday, September 30, 2014

26: tired

not of the blog challenge, though i will be glad to stop this numbering and just post every day or so.

tired of frikking work. the last two days have been absolutely ridiculous in this office and i'm tired of talking to stupid people.

also really ready for my weekend, although it looks like i'm gonna be busy with the lils wed and i have the part time thur. no rest for the motherfucking wicked.

i had stuff to say i'm sure, but i'm too damn tired to think. and i gotta get back to work. see you tomorrow, stay with me...

Monday, September 29, 2014


really rough day. started out alright. dropped if the lil, played to much skyrim.

but I was late getting out the house, didn't have time to get bill money gas or lunch. but I did go by my moms, where the second bad thing happened. well it happened Sunday night. my moms older brother died. he'd been in pretty bad shape for years, but it's just the way he died. and the way his succubus of a wife has been pretty much for the 25 years they were together. I blame her for all his problems, health issues, distance from the fam, and even his death. I'd beat her head raw if I could. but now that he's passed, I'm sure no one in iur clan will ever see her again, and she'll find another lonely guy to suck the life out of.

any who, after getting the bad news I still had to go to work, but now I have a headache from crying. and of course, it's Monday, we launched out new site at work and we were slammed with calls literally all day with people trying to get in and check on their stupid accounts. it was a long, irritating day.

and the last bit of rotten to the day? my mom's home health care client passed too. they called her Sweetheart. and she was, the cutest lil old lady who spent all her days thinking she was sewing. she was really, really sweet, and my mom took her out on a lot of adventures. I think I'll miss her as much as my uncle.

it's such a high stress time, I don't know why. so much happening, so much to do. my stress level is higher than it's been in a long time and I need to deflate to have energy, desire and motivation to do anything. I'm well overdue of a spa day, haven't been in months. I just feel toxic; I'm sore all over all the time, my head hurts almost daily, I'm irritable, have very little patience, and don't generally want to be bothered by the human race. it's pretty bad.

but hopefully things will calm down a little in November. and I can regroup and see clearly. things will get better. I know they will. they have to.

in the meantime, bluh...
more tomorrow. or later today, depending on your time zone. stay with me...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

blog challenge 24: family

today we had a family dinner for my sister's and my birthday. my mom is an amazing ole skool cook and everything she makes is delish. we had chicken, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, purple hull peas, meatloaf with mushroom sauce and cornbread. yummers city.

but the best part of the day? seeing my oldest brother who i almost never get to see. my brother is... a bit of jerk. and he's stubborn and tends to be reclusive. but he's a pretty decent guy and funny. he 's my dad's only son, so i want to keep in touch with him and keep tabs, so we don't fall out for years again. he was really sociable today, which at times has been difficult. but i think he enjoyed seeing both his sisters and my mom all at once. he told me several times to text or call him sometimes. i plan to. maybe even hang out with him and my sister sometime.

i love my slightly weird family. most of the time.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


the challenge seems to be deteriorating near the end here, but I'm still gonna finish 30 posts. I think the habit is set enough to post more often than two or three times a month so, progress.

anywho, I know I go back and forth on the topic of romance, but today I'm feeling it and wouldn't mind a boo. not sure why I'm single with no prospects. but if I guessed, I'm either ugly or I don't get out enough.

I don't ask for much. just a nice nerd that likes anime, games, and fat chicks. and maybe make them easy on the eyes. other than that, I don't care too much. not that I'm desperate for anyoldbody, just saying I'm not shallow and sharing my interests is more important than looks.

makes me think of the lyrics to Nature Boy. I love the Bowie version from moulin rouge by the way...

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far
Very far, over land and sea

A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

And then one day, a magic day
He passed my way, and while we spoke
Of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return"

that would be kind of nice to know...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

22: yesterday

was such an easy game to play.

didn't post yesterday either. was busy all day and when I remembered, I was too tired to fuck.

still super tired and I have dnd maps to make so this is the post for today. doubt I'll get another decent one in.

the last week or so has been subpar, I know, but the challenge and the month isn't over. do there may still be some quality content to come. stay with me...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

blog challenge 21: stuff and such

still upset about that pic from yesterday. i will feel immensely better when i can get a darker blue and finish it. it's too pretty to be incomplete.

not a lot to report today, had a lot of stuff i wanted to run through but i've forgotten most of it. sad

today, bluh. just kind of going through motions lately. i'm in a funk and i'm not entirely sure why or how to get out of it.

been playing way too much skyrim. and a few creepy flash games; see the deepest sleep, deeper sleep and entity. all lots of fun and timely, as halloween is a lil over a month away. but as a cosplayer, halloween comes a lot more often for me.

anywho, i really hope tomorrow is better, i hope i have something interesting and insightful to say. the blog challenge was designed to train me to post more often, but they can't all be these empty, boring posts. next challenge. do better. well, actually the next challenge is to work out for 21 days, and after that, i feel i gotta tackle my japanese lessons for 21 days too. it's a process, one day at a time process to do better, be better.

oh, other news though. i hope to get a chapter of opus off to the editor beginning in october. so nervous and excited. but ready. the year is almost over. time to claim a piece of it, make it grow, put my future in it and watch it bloom. ooo, i like that. i may share it.

anywho, done. something more substantial tomorrow i hope. in the meantime, have a pic of... the first thing that comes up in google images for the word' pic'.

hilarious. more of this tomfoolery later, stay with me

Monday, September 22, 2014

blog 20: failure

so i've been coloring on a picture for two days at work and i love how it's turned out so far and i know the finished product will WOW. but i done goofed. and in planning the background, i didn't size the colors for the fade right, and didn't have enough colors. so now, i need a darker shade of blue to between the last one i used and the final color of black. this is not great concern except i have this insane driving need right now to get this finished. i don't; even want to take a pic to show my progress because it's an incomplete work and it's driving me just a little bit insane.

but i gotta stop. i can't fix the goof. i literally have to buy a darker blue to fade into the black. tie picture will go incomplete for a while. and i could absolutely cry.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

blog. 19. yeah.

i forgot. and i really wanted to talk a little about depression and show off the coloring i spent most of the working on, even if it's not finished. but i ain't got time. so lots to to discuss, see and do tomorrow. stay with me...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

blog challenge 18: more d'arts

the other thing i done did today

still a little bit of a struggle with proportions. the head is still a little too small and the torso still a little too long. my waterloo, both of them, i don't know why i can't master those. i guess my style is just long, rail thin bodies, but their heads still need to be the right size. i think this is pretty damn good nonetheless. and faces suck. but i eventually need to practice them a lot to get better.

that's all i got for today. i suppose the first post today made this more exciting that it actually is. there was something else i wanted to mention to but i forgot, so whatever. back again tomorrow, stay with me...

a thing

i did it. my last post was #100. a year and a half after i started. not the greatest record, but i did it.

i wish i'd paid more attention, i would have celebrated. but, we get better with each day.

this is not the blog challenge post, btw. i did a little art i'm proud of and i'll post it in a bit. stay with me...

Friday, September 19, 2014

blog challenge 17: overwhelmed

so, i want a house. with a yard. a fireplace. and an open kitchen. and at least three bedrooms. an extra dining and/or living area wouldn't hurt either. kind of like the house i grew up in.

i can afford a mortgage, no biggie. monthly payments to keep a roof over my dome i can do. i can even do the insurance. the property tax may sting a bit, but i'd figure something out.

what i don't have is an understanding of the frikking housing market. I can't do all the upfront fees and down payment. i can't pay a realtor, i can't even.

i'm going to hound my mother and a family friend for help, but i don't want it to end up being what they think i want/can afford. i don't want them to talk me out of a dream house because they think i can't cut it. i can.

i just want to pick a house, agree on monthly payments, and move the fuck in. but that is apparently impossible. and i understand it is literally a life long investment, and there is a lot of risk in buying a house for the owner. but i also know me and i don't want to be homeless with two animals and potentially a little sister. so i will bust my ass if i have to to keep a roof over my head.

i'm sick of apartment life. i'm tired of having neighbors (especially since my property manager lives above me, sheesh...). i want a yard for my doggie. i want an extra room that is actually a bedroom as opposed to an office/bedroom/game room. i want anything that's not a fucking galley kitchen. i want  proper dining room. i want to decorate. i don't wanna die in an apartment (not that i'm close to death, but i don't want to live in an apartment till i am either). i want my own space.


forgot to blog yesterday. I was tired. 

just went to work. came home and napped and watched Another. not a bad anime, but it had some flaws.

guess I'm going till the second of October now. official post for today layer. stay with me...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


today is Wednesday. I was off, cleaned a little, cooked, hung out with the lil and her boyfie and played skyrim.

I have work on the morning and I don't want ro go. that is all.

more tomorrow I hope. stay with me...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

blog challenge day 15: a soundtrack

just gonna give myself a little shout out for making it half way though the month with this challenge! also, i worked really hard on this post!

so i write, and a lot of the time, i listen to music as i do. or i listen to music in the car. or while i'm cooking or cleaning. basically several times a day music will be around me.

my current favorite genre is drum and bass, though i listen to a wide array of music. there's just something about the beat, the bass drop that makes me hard and dance like an idiot. i love every second of it.

along with all this music come stories in my head or scenes for the stories i've already started. so today i'm sharing a snippet of this soundtrack (13 songs and everything!) and a little bit about they stories they go with. this is gonna be fun, let's get started.

Track 1
'Madness'- Muse

This song is for my beautiful and turbulent lovers, Frank and Eo, in the novella Lanky Frank. if you're a follower (if you exist that is), i've posted a chapter or two from this one. it's nearly done and will be available in all it's magnificent glory at wordsbyknight.tumblr.com.

Track 2
'Hysteria'- Muse
(no they are not all Muse songs)

I'm a single person with a sweet tooth for romance, and this song is for another couple, Riot and Angel of The Family. I started The Family for NaNoWriMo a few years ago and i love the overall story and it's one of the few novels i have going that i know how it will end. Riot is the typical tragic back story and Angel is his savior. the theme of their relationship, chaos loves order. it's really true if you think about it.

Track 3
'Fall'- Daft Punk for the Tron Soundtrack
(a soundtrack on a soundrack? yes!)

First, Daft Punk is life. i've loved them for literal decades (fuck i sound old). And this soundtrack is gold from beginning to end, though i probably won't see the movie as i'm not terribly fond of remakes. But this song is so dramatic and amazing, it's perfect for the appearance of a really bad boss, like Dark Bink's caster device in Lanky Frank. That part hasn't been written, but when it is, and when you read it, oh ye hypothetical reader, you realize how big a deal it is thanks to this song.

Track 4
'Like a Criminal'- District 78

This song is also for Dark Bink. He's not the smartest, bravest or even most villainous antagonist, but he is a hardworking little shit. This song specifically makes me think of the robots he made with pistoning arms to erode a cave away in chapter 3 of Lanky Frank. It also reminds me of his ingenuity and his dedication to his work, however lackluster it may be.

Track 5
'Stompbox'- The Quemists

Another artist duo i absolutely love and follow like a crazy fangirl, and who i consider to be the true fathers of dubstep (love it or hate it, it's here to stay folks), before dubstep got overplayed, overused and shitty (hello pretentious me!). this song is for the yet untitled novel i have literally been writing for decade. it is, however, also completely planned out from beginning to end and the one novel above everything that i've written that i would love to see made into a movie. This song is for the big fight scene between the protagonist and her main antagonist. i've considered a lot of songs for this scene, even the infamous 'Clubbed to Death' by rob dougan (hey folks, this was a song way before the fucking Matrix made it popular. there's actually a movie with the same name that features the song first. just saying, pretentious me again!). but nothing fits it quite like 'Stompbox', especially the abrupt ending. want to know more about that novel, keep following, one day it will see the light of day!

Track 6 (bonus track)
(yes, in the middle of the soundtrack)
'Drop Bass'- Tim Ismag

i'm calling this a bonus track because honestly, it doesn't go to anything i've currently written, but it so fucking nasty and powerful, i know it could go to something eventually. I'm thinking a fight scene, maybe for my second in line novel, A Night in the Life. i believe i've posted part of it in this blog, but if not, you can find one of my fav excerpts here.

Track 7
'Closer'- Kings of Leon

From the first drum beat to the end, this song gets me wet. shit, seriously, wet. anyway, another band i love and adore, Kings of Leon. this spooky, sexy song is for my beloved Anidian, better known as the Queen of Sorrow in Lanky Frank. this song fits her profession as a vessel for sadness more than her brusque and vulgar appearance in Frank. there is another song i've envistoned for her as well, though (can't remember which at the mo, probably something by Muse), that i'll post here as well. maybe in the next soundtrack...

Track 8
'Renegade (feat Maxsta) '- The Qemists

another one by my precious behbehs for my beloved Frank. he is, a loose cannon, and this is his song through and through. there are a lot of good remixes of this song, but the lyrics in this original speak to Frank on some level (even though some of them kind of don't make sense. but whatever, it's a UK thing, i think).

Track 9
(the deleted track)
'2 Much 4 Ya'- District 78

to be honest, i kind of don't like this song. the vocals are... just... awful, they kill the vibe of the whole song for me. not the best from District 78. but it reminded me of a character at some point, probably my dark winged man Kabe, from A Night in the Life. but at this point, i would just like to forget i ever heard this one. track. deleted.

Track 10
'Ebla'- E.S. Posthumus

this is one of my fucking favs. the majesty, the mystery, the colossal sound of this song. This is for Riot and Angel as they swagger absolutely everywhere they go with their entourage in tow. Walking through their expansive homes, strutting into a business meeting, watching as goons shoot up the enemy lair; this plays all the time they work together. ugh, the love. this song has also be in a movie or two, as i believe E.S. Posthumus make epic movie music by trade. either way, they are amazing!

Track 11

so this song is definitely for Kabe. it's fierce, raw and violent, and kabe spends a lot of time shutting things down. this album and it's title are also intriguing to me. it's called "Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head," but some of the songs have become the soundtrack for the stories in my head. i'm not entirely convinced, by the title and the art on the cover, that this isn't actually a movie that i need to see. *update- nope, i was wrong. i have actually just been sleeping on Celldweller apparently. i need to catch up, they just dropped a new album*

Track 12
'The Funeral'- Band of Horses

the one sad song on the soundtrack. this one is so damn emotional, it perfect for, well, the actual funeral that is game changer in The Family. I hate spoilers, so i won't tell you who eats it, but this song is the protag's entire emotional scale before, during, and after the death. gives me happy chills really.

Track 13

so finishing off the list with my fav Celldweller song, 'Sentinel'. it's absolutely perfect for the protag of the unnamed novel. she's a genetically enginerred human who whas been created to assassinate a tyrant. along the way she has to learn what it means to be human and what it means to be a killer. the name of the song fits her because she is a guardian of the people around her and the song is inspiring in that way. but in the end, she is still a superior ass kicker, just like the ending of the song. love love love love love that i found this song and made it her anthem.

i've already got more songs lined up for the next writing soundtrack, but thats gonna have to wait until the next album. till then, stay with me...

Monday, September 15, 2014

blog challenge 14: real quick

i've actually been working on a really good post for today for about two hours. and it's not going to be done in time, so i'll post it tomorrow. but not to let the day go completely to waste, i painted my nails. i have really huge wrinkly man hands, but i do the best i can...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

blog challenge day 13: art

practicing anatomy. not bad, but i'm still shitty at faces. and proportions. and shading. but whatever, that's why it's called practice.

may post again tonight if i think of something valuable to say. otherwise, stay with me...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

blog challege day 12: self image

no, this post is not about my fat ass... this time.

it's about what i look like on the inside and the difference between what is in my head.

let's start with this... all my life i wanted lovely long hair and nails. for a long time, i didn't have either. i didn't really know how to take care of my hair and i bit my nails for years. after many scary and dark times, i now have long, pretty thick hair and natural nails that will scratch your face off.

mission accomplished.

i wanted these things because for a long time i identified them as things beautiful women have. breast, face, body and all that go with it, but to me, to be a really gorgeous woman, you had to have long hair and long nails. and that's what i thought i had to be.

thing is though, that's not what i am anymore. well, not what i identify as.

big admit here, first time in this forum: gender wise, i don't just identify as female. I'm actually non-binary, the pretty word i use for which being genderfluid.

this is no new thing, really. it's something i've always felt, but never gave a name or real thought to until the last few years. but i've always felt both masculine and feminine to varying degrees every day.

i can remember the first time i felt it. it's such a funny memory, but i know it's the root of my entire gender identity. i was a lil kid, maybe 3 or 4, and my parents and i were coming home one night from some event. we were on the second floor of the apartment building we lived in then. i remember going up the stairs before my mom and dad and my mom made the remark 'she should have been a boy.' there was probably context before or after that, but i know she didn't mean it maliciously. it was probably just something about the way i climbed the stairs or some aspect of my personality she saw in that moment. but when she said it, i remember thinking how much i would like that, being a boy.

i have kind masculine features, i think. i got a big head, feet, hands. probably more so if i wasn't as fat. i look a lot like my dad. but i couldn't "pass" for male, these titties are too big for that. though that's not something i want to do either. but i sound like a guy on the phone sometimes, and have been called sir. i don't mind though, i don't get offended (unless i'm feeling particularly feminine that day, but it passes pretty quick). i'd just like to incorporate masculinity and femininity in my daily life.  i don't want to be full on a guy all the time. i like being a girl a lot of the time. 'cause i'm gorgeous and it would be a waste to deny the world my womanhood.

i have however, over the years, crossdressed a little, played "the guy" in various roles, be it the male half of a couple or for a costume party. i have female sex, but i enjoy male mentality, masculinity. i like the way it makes me feel. that may be why i'm big on gay porn, yaoi and bara. there is a piece of me in it.

i refer to myself as a person, not male or female. i'm introducing more male clothes to my wardrobe for those really masculine days. even getting a binder to tame these huge tits a little. sometimes i'll be a boy with long hair and nails, or a girl that's a little bit manly. some days i won't feel anything at all. just a person, needless of labels. i like the idea of both as well as the in between. at this juncture in my life i want to be free to be both, changing and slipping between and in between genders like walking through a door. my gender is an open door.

more tomorrow, though probably not of this. stay with me...

Friday, September 12, 2014

day 11

i don't have shit to say today, kids. boring, mundane, ordinary day. i took this picture though

maybe tomorrow i'll be interesting, but really. don't hold your breath. but stay with me...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


these titles have vastly deteriorated.

anywho, it was another raky long really hard, really busy day. aside from
my feet killing me right now, it wasn't bad. back to early mornings and back into the mines tomorrow though. yay

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

day 9

today was the day I talked about yesterday, busy from beginning to end. not too shabby. I'm tired but it was a mostly good day.

let's see what tomorrow brings, stay with me...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

blog challenge day 8?: time

so i think i need an additonal hobby that takes up more time and involves leaving the house.

i game, i watch anime, movies and shows, i have cosplay from about october to may to deal with and cons to wear them to, in addition to working two jobs and trying to have some fraction of a social life.

i like being busy. leaving the house, doing things that are productive and i like. maybe stopping somewhere for a working lunch, hitting the street again, burning all day until dark, and coming home a little tired but happy. it makes the downtime of gaming and watching shit a little sweeter to me.

so what to do, where to go to be more engaged, have more human interaction and maybe more fulfilled? i dunno, shit, i gotta do research.

it has to be something i find interesting and takes up a good chunk of time. being cheap/free is a bonus to because while i want a new distraction, my other ones are already pretty damn expensive enough.

i dunno, i think i'll get with a friend or two and see what they know out there to do. google "free hobbies" or some shit. i don't know really what i want to do but i know i want to do something. maybe with kids, maybe with homeless, maybe even my old sorority. so many possibilities, i'm overwhelmed already and i haven't done shit yet.

i hope this doesn't turn into another of my "talk that shit" things where i get so pumped to go do something but never actually do it. everything is just 'do it, do it, do it. you only live once, live and do it, make a dream come true!' there's still a lot of hard work involved with all that however. but i know if it's worth it, it can be done.

kind of rambling now, kind of forgot where i was going with this and also another point i wanted to make. so i'll shut up now and consider this a successful post. also,  i took a picture of my face. i was trying to make my hair look like Major Hanji from Shingeki No Kyojin  (Attack on Titan for English speakers), but i don't have volumes and volumes of anime hair. but i think i turned out ok. what do you think?

like fucking twins

anyway, my computer is being bullshit and i'm having a conversation on tumblr, so i'm out. see ya tomorrow, stay with me...

Monday, September 8, 2014

blog challenge day 7

today's my birthday. nothing special about it whatsoever. spent all day in bed, bought myself dinner, went for a drive by myself. playing the sims till I get tired, then gonna shower, masturbate and call it a night.

thought about double posting to catch these numbers up, they annoy me being off like they are. but they really wouldn't count as days. so I'm just gonna be irked for the rest if the month. 

got nothing else to say. maybe tomorrow I will. stay with me...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

blog challenge day 6: blogging

I drank enough apple flavored beers last night to be an actual Angry Orchard. been gassy as fuck all day.

anywho, party was great, met a lot if cool people including a published author. gonna pick her brain about getting these novels published.

forgot to post this earlier, but who cares, as long as I get 30 days straight of posts. so stay with me...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

blog challenge 5: party

fast one so the day doesn't get away. two beers and two jellos shots later, this party is pretty nice.

I'm being social. go me. see ya tomorrow, stay with me

Friday, September 5, 2014

blog challenge day 4; weight

i blogged so early yesterday, i thought i missed it half way through the day.

anyway, today's talk, weight. i've gained a lot of it recently. and while i've discussed this issue before, it's so prevalent in my daily life, it's one of those things i won't ever stop talking about.

'what brings this on again, kits?'

well, my birthday is in three days. and for whatever reason, i always feel the need for a rebirth, to do better, around my birthday. this year, same. i want to eat better, move more, lose the gut.

i want so hard.

and i usually start strong. a good, solid week of progress. then i 'cheat' or slip up, or completely jump the fuck off the wagon. and all is forgotten for another six months to a year.

i don't know why, i just can't do it. but i still want so hard.

i'm going to start again because hell, something is better than nothing. i'm not even going to shoot for a stereotypical 'beach body', whatever that is. if you're at a beach, you're a beach body, no matter what your weight or shape. i'm just gonna shoot for a pound or two a week. after six months, that's 24 flipping pounds. i'd be pretty proud of that. if i can keep it up, a year later, 1/6th of me gone. all i got is time and nothing to lose. except pounds, of course.

the game plan this go around should be a little easier to accomplish. the lil has an early morning job now. so she's out by 6am, meaning i'll have the house to myself all morning and afternoon before work. i'll be more at ease to shake my ass a little. i like to dance. i think that as an exercise would the best to sustain me, since i get so incredibly bored with repetitive ass actions.

food. food food food food food. eat less of it? eat less crap. this is hard, with the little, but i will try.

i dunno, i just... i just want to lose some of this muffin top and pooch beneath it. work the core, dammit. and loose this froggy chin i've developed. everything else will fall into place, i think.
we'll see. start monday, sep 8th, my birthday. see what happens from there. stay with me...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

blog challenge day 3: early morning ponderings

responsibility is a chain. it ties you down to materialism and staying safe in one place. go to school, get a job, buy a car, a house, get married have kids, die. that's a life for a lot of people.

kind of think that's not the life I want anymore though. never really expected marriage or kids, but a kid could dream. what I want now is to drive to California, stopping in every state on the way. I want to spend a week in Alaska. fly down to Mexico for the weekend. vacation in japan, take a walking tours in the uk, Italy and Greece. I don't want to be tied down anymore.

but I have an apartment, a car, possessions, two animals. I can't walk away and live some life, because I have responsibility. I'm trapped.

I have to hope and wait for eventually. and that's a pretty sad state of affairs.

if I'd thought, really knew what I wanted when I had a chance to do it, I'd have done it in a heart beat. it's not regret though, just considerate if a what-if.

maybe, someday, I certainly want to try. get this writing thing off the ground. quit the full time job. find a reliable house sitter. live.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September blog challenge day 2

so I spent 12+ hours with my sis today. I went with her to a dr appointment. after we had lunch, did some light shopping and had drinks. it was a good day, mostly stress free and fun.

right now watching cr1tikal vids with the lil sis

I had so much to say earlier, but my head hurts from laughing and I have bubble guts, and I'm really tired.

see ya tomorrow

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

september blog challenge day 1

so i'm gonna post every day, all month, because my birthday is the 8th. so expect lots of useless boring information. today is actually the second of september, because i just thought up this stupid challenge right now. so i'll post on 1 october to make up for yesterday doing nothing.

today, i want to have sex. hot, nasty, fast fucking. that is all.

see you tomorrow.