Friday, October 17, 2014

the next challenge

look at me, i thought of something to say.

feeling a little bit better. i had comfort food.

and that's pretty much what i want to talk about now. i mentioned in a previous post that i'd been eating a lot lately and packing on the pounds. went clothes shopping this afternoon and a pair of jeans in my regular size were a too tight and the other pair are a lil snug. the too little ones, i'm not bummed about because they probably run small and they have no spandex in them at all. just tight ass denim. so i'll lose a few inches and get into those just fine. the red and black argyle tights i got though are perfection as are the cardigan and camisole i got to wear with them.

but to get into  those stretchless denim jeans, i've decided to curb my snacking. starting today apparently. my usual day went as follows:

wake up
laze until noon
feed the fur balls
have breakfast/lunch
play a game/watch a thing till 130
find something sweet to eat
continue gaming until 230
get ready for work
have a snack at my desk
work till lunch
run out and get a huge dinner
work till midnight
feed the kids dinner
have at least one more snack
pass out around 2-3AM

that's five damn times i'v eaten in 12 hours. nobody needs that. and that's just the work days. it could be worse on my weekends.

today, however, i had a small burger and fries on the road running errands, and flauta plate for dinner. and when i get home, i plan on getting a drink and taking my ass to sleep, no snack. that's it, two meals. were they great meals? no, but there were't five of them either.

the goal is to have those two meals, make them good ones hopefully, add some exercise and lose a little weight. but first thing first, 21 days of two meals, lunch and dinner. i know breakfast should be an option. but with my mostly nocturnal schedule and general disinterest in breakfast, i feel ok excluding it. of course, i'll keep ya posted here, stay with me...

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