Thursday, October 2, 2014

27: fuck

forgot to blog again yesterday.

my days off are the worst. I tend to be busy when not strapped to a desk for 8 hrs.

today's been a day. went to the part time and had my annual review. I'm doing pretty good,  just need to be a little slower and make sure I get my bid badges right.

after work I hung with the lils till bro had to go to his recruiting office. we had a massive storm today, took out the power for over three hours. which was inconvenient as I had to get dressed for dinner at my moms in the dark(ish).

dinner was good though. a lot of people brought food by since my uncle passed, so impromptu family dinner. then, the ground beef exploded. a skillet of meat my mother was simmering literally exploded for no reason at all. it was a crazy massive mess that took an hour to clean.

came home and the lights were on, but the cable is out in the area.

wish today was more interesting than a diary entry, but hey, they can't all be wieners. try again tomorrow, stay with me...

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