Wednesday, October 15, 2014


good evening. or rather, good morning.

so remember that post where I mentioned how I love my long nails after years of not having them. well, I don't have them anymore.

I have a nervous habit. when I get stressed it anxious, I break my nails. either by accident or deliberately, the nails get shorter and shorter. and it apparently applies to all nails. I broke of a pinky nail, then an index finger and went for my toenails after that.

besides work, my lack of motivation at home, losing a debit card when billss are due, next week I add public performance as a trained monkey to my stress. I was enlisted to sing a song for my grandmother's birthday, which has mushroomed into potentially four songs. I've prepared 0. it's a wonder I haven't reverted to full on biting my nails again.

it's just such a nutty time right now and the holidays are coming so I know it's just gonna get worse. I need a release, some good news, something to genuinely get excited about. soon.

if it comes along, I'll try to post it here, so stay with me...

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