Sunday, October 5, 2014

28: welp

apparently i am blowing up in france. thank you, or rather, merci.

so this must be an every other day blog now, since when i get busy, i only remember the next day that i didn't post. that kind of works for me.

work was horrible yesterday, so i went home drank 3/4 of a beer and fell asleep on skyrim. but i did this

today is only slightly better. but i have  no crafts to show for it. i've spent most of my shift making halloween backgrounds for my monitors. but damn do they look good.

anywho, about this blog. the challenge is winding down to an end. this post is from yesterday, i left work early yesterday and failed to finish it. but today is just as good.

'what's the next challenge, kits?'

not sure my babies, but i think it should be a fitness challenge. or a japanese challenge. i believe i've mentioned these things before. it needs to be something i need and want to do. lil bro will be leaving for japan in less than a week. and i certainly need to lose weight. so maybe getting fit for a trip to japan is the way to go.

i want to start with the language. a coworker of mine has Rosetta Stone for german, and even though i'm not learning that language, it may be fun to be language buddies, motivating each other to further our language education. she also wants to lose some lb's so we could probably do that too.

since she's started working together, we seem to be syncing up to do a lot of things. she also wants to play some dnd on our days off. and if i can help it, i will never turn down a dnd session. and who doesn't need new friends.

speaking of new friends, and i think i'm rambling a lot of free thought now, but it's good, makes up for all the days i barely posted a sentence, i've been in the market for a mate lately. i even prayed about it. something i have never done in regards to romance. but i was specific, so maybe, soon, my prayer will be answered. i'm looking and waiting for you, partner. my good, chubby, nerdy person who likes anime, video games and fat persons.

i think i'm done. maybe i'll remember to blog tomorrow. or have something so sensational to share that i won't forget. either way, there is more of the Cataclysm to come. so please, as always, stay with me...

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