Tuesday, October 14, 2014

30: finito

*this post was actually started last friday. work, from where i do most of my posts, has been unrelentingly busy, sorry!*

is actually the name if a character in The Family. but that's not what this post is about.

this is the last post of the 30 day challenge. it was off, took longer than it should have, and at times was less than interesting. but it is done, i met the challenge and finished it. i feel good about it and now i have a rhythm that i think i can keep. at least three times a week, i will find some bullshit to talk about. look forward to it.

'so what's the next adventure, kits?'

well, my babies, i'm gonna try for the 2lb challenge. the goal, lose two pounds a week. i dunno how, but i know i gotta start moving. i'm getting fat(ter).  we had some Wii consoles around the office this week and everyday i played one of the sports games. i've never been in the market for a Wii because most of their games are for kids i don't have any and i'm not particularly fond of playing kids games. however, i did move around a lot while playing those game and it was fun and challenging.

but buying a new system involves money that i honestly would rather spend on cosplay. and i have other free outlets. i just have to plan and do what i say i want to do and what i'm going to do. i need a little incentive, other than blogging and keeping myself accountable.

i read an article today previewing an interview with Terry Crews for Men's Fitness. his advice hits home, because it's exactly what i did for this blog challenge. just go, for 21 days, create the habit. he said you don't even have to work out. read a magazine, try a workout, watch other people exercise. but doing it, getting started, is the hardest part.

food, which i used to be able to manage, has become a bit of an issue. i've found myself eating a lot more these days. seconds of stuff or more snacking throughout the day. i'm not sure what to attribute it to; skyrim, boredom, depression. shit i hope it's not the last one, that's a horrible cycle to fall into. either way, i'm packing on the pounds because of it and i have to improve that when i get going.

i was going to say i'll start in november, but that's stupid. i read that article today, it's been on my mind a lot lately; i think this is a message from God to do better. like i said, he's pretty clear with me and i do my best to follow when i get the message. so, it's my weekend starting tomorrow. i'm gonna move. dance around like a boob for about half an hour. i've got a first generation ipod that i've been wanting to get some use out of. download some heavy beats, a little metal, maybe some dance music and get going.

and i'll blog as often as i can to let you know how it goes. stay with me...

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