Tuesday, September 9, 2014

blog challenge day 8?: time

so i think i need an additonal hobby that takes up more time and involves leaving the house.

i game, i watch anime, movies and shows, i have cosplay from about october to may to deal with and cons to wear them to, in addition to working two jobs and trying to have some fraction of a social life.

i like being busy. leaving the house, doing things that are productive and i like. maybe stopping somewhere for a working lunch, hitting the street again, burning all day until dark, and coming home a little tired but happy. it makes the downtime of gaming and watching shit a little sweeter to me.

so what to do, where to go to be more engaged, have more human interaction and maybe more fulfilled? i dunno, shit, i gotta do research.

it has to be something i find interesting and takes up a good chunk of time. being cheap/free is a bonus to because while i want a new distraction, my other ones are already pretty damn expensive enough.

i dunno, i think i'll get with a friend or two and see what they know out there to do. google "free hobbies" or some shit. i don't know really what i want to do but i know i want to do something. maybe with kids, maybe with homeless, maybe even my old sorority. so many possibilities, i'm overwhelmed already and i haven't done shit yet.

i hope this doesn't turn into another of my "talk that shit" things where i get so pumped to go do something but never actually do it. everything is just 'do it, do it, do it. you only live once, live and do it, make a dream come true!' there's still a lot of hard work involved with all that however. but i know if it's worth it, it can be done.

kind of rambling now, kind of forgot where i was going with this and also another point i wanted to make. so i'll shut up now and consider this a successful post. also,  i took a picture of my face. i was trying to make my hair look like Major Hanji from Shingeki No Kyojin  (Attack on Titan for English speakers), but i don't have volumes and volumes of anime hair. but i think i turned out ok. what do you think?

like fucking twins

anyway, my computer is being bullshit and i'm having a conversation on tumblr, so i'm out. see ya tomorrow, stay with me...

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