Friday, September 19, 2014

blog challenge 17: overwhelmed

so, i want a house. with a yard. a fireplace. and an open kitchen. and at least three bedrooms. an extra dining and/or living area wouldn't hurt either. kind of like the house i grew up in.

i can afford a mortgage, no biggie. monthly payments to keep a roof over my dome i can do. i can even do the insurance. the property tax may sting a bit, but i'd figure something out.

what i don't have is an understanding of the frikking housing market. I can't do all the upfront fees and down payment. i can't pay a realtor, i can't even.

i'm going to hound my mother and a family friend for help, but i don't want it to end up being what they think i want/can afford. i don't want them to talk me out of a dream house because they think i can't cut it. i can.

i just want to pick a house, agree on monthly payments, and move the fuck in. but that is apparently impossible. and i understand it is literally a life long investment, and there is a lot of risk in buying a house for the owner. but i also know me and i don't want to be homeless with two animals and potentially a little sister. so i will bust my ass if i have to to keep a roof over my head.

i'm sick of apartment life. i'm tired of having neighbors (especially since my property manager lives above me, sheesh...). i want a yard for my doggie. i want an extra room that is actually a bedroom as opposed to an office/bedroom/game room. i want anything that's not a fucking galley kitchen. i want  proper dining room. i want to decorate. i don't wanna die in an apartment (not that i'm close to death, but i don't want to live in an apartment till i am either). i want my own space.

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