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blog challenge day 15: a soundtrack

just gonna give myself a little shout out for making it half way though the month with this challenge! also, i worked really hard on this post!

so i write, and a lot of the time, i listen to music as i do. or i listen to music in the car. or while i'm cooking or cleaning. basically several times a day music will be around me.

my current favorite genre is drum and bass, though i listen to a wide array of music. there's just something about the beat, the bass drop that makes me hard and dance like an idiot. i love every second of it.

along with all this music come stories in my head or scenes for the stories i've already started. so today i'm sharing a snippet of this soundtrack (13 songs and everything!) and a little bit about they stories they go with. this is gonna be fun, let's get started.

Track 1
'Madness'- Muse

This song is for my beautiful and turbulent lovers, Frank and Eo, in the novella Lanky Frank. if you're a follower (if you exist that is), i've posted a chapter or two from this one. it's nearly done and will be available in all it's magnificent glory at wordsbyknight.tumblr.com.

Track 2
'Hysteria'- Muse
(no they are not all Muse songs)

I'm a single person with a sweet tooth for romance, and this song is for another couple, Riot and Angel of The Family. I started The Family for NaNoWriMo a few years ago and i love the overall story and it's one of the few novels i have going that i know how it will end. Riot is the typical tragic back story and Angel is his savior. the theme of their relationship, chaos loves order. it's really true if you think about it.

Track 3
'Fall'- Daft Punk for the Tron Soundtrack
(a soundtrack on a soundrack? yes!)

First, Daft Punk is life. i've loved them for literal decades (fuck i sound old). And this soundtrack is gold from beginning to end, though i probably won't see the movie as i'm not terribly fond of remakes. But this song is so dramatic and amazing, it's perfect for the appearance of a really bad boss, like Dark Bink's caster device in Lanky Frank. That part hasn't been written, but when it is, and when you read it, oh ye hypothetical reader, you realize how big a deal it is thanks to this song.

Track 4
'Like a Criminal'- District 78

This song is also for Dark Bink. He's not the smartest, bravest or even most villainous antagonist, but he is a hardworking little shit. This song specifically makes me think of the robots he made with pistoning arms to erode a cave away in chapter 3 of Lanky Frank. It also reminds me of his ingenuity and his dedication to his work, however lackluster it may be.

Track 5
'Stompbox'- The Quemists

Another artist duo i absolutely love and follow like a crazy fangirl, and who i consider to be the true fathers of dubstep (love it or hate it, it's here to stay folks), before dubstep got overplayed, overused and shitty (hello pretentious me!). this song is for the yet untitled novel i have literally been writing for decade. it is, however, also completely planned out from beginning to end and the one novel above everything that i've written that i would love to see made into a movie. This song is for the big fight scene between the protagonist and her main antagonist. i've considered a lot of songs for this scene, even the infamous 'Clubbed to Death' by rob dougan (hey folks, this was a song way before the fucking Matrix made it popular. there's actually a movie with the same name that features the song first. just saying, pretentious me again!). but nothing fits it quite like 'Stompbox', especially the abrupt ending. want to know more about that novel, keep following, one day it will see the light of day!

Track 6 (bonus track)
(yes, in the middle of the soundtrack)
'Drop Bass'- Tim Ismag

i'm calling this a bonus track because honestly, it doesn't go to anything i've currently written, but it so fucking nasty and powerful, i know it could go to something eventually. I'm thinking a fight scene, maybe for my second in line novel, A Night in the Life. i believe i've posted part of it in this blog, but if not, you can find one of my fav excerpts here.

Track 7
'Closer'- Kings of Leon

From the first drum beat to the end, this song gets me wet. shit, seriously, wet. anyway, another band i love and adore, Kings of Leon. this spooky, sexy song is for my beloved Anidian, better known as the Queen of Sorrow in Lanky Frank. this song fits her profession as a vessel for sadness more than her brusque and vulgar appearance in Frank. there is another song i've envistoned for her as well, though (can't remember which at the mo, probably something by Muse), that i'll post here as well. maybe in the next soundtrack...

Track 8
'Renegade (feat Maxsta) '- The Qemists

another one by my precious behbehs for my beloved Frank. he is, a loose cannon, and this is his song through and through. there are a lot of good remixes of this song, but the lyrics in this original speak to Frank on some level (even though some of them kind of don't make sense. but whatever, it's a UK thing, i think).

Track 9
(the deleted track)
'2 Much 4 Ya'- District 78

to be honest, i kind of don't like this song. the vocals are... just... awful, they kill the vibe of the whole song for me. not the best from District 78. but it reminded me of a character at some point, probably my dark winged man Kabe, from A Night in the Life. but at this point, i would just like to forget i ever heard this one. track. deleted.

Track 10
'Ebla'- E.S. Posthumus

this is one of my fucking favs. the majesty, the mystery, the colossal sound of this song. This is for Riot and Angel as they swagger absolutely everywhere they go with their entourage in tow. Walking through their expansive homes, strutting into a business meeting, watching as goons shoot up the enemy lair; this plays all the time they work together. ugh, the love. this song has also be in a movie or two, as i believe E.S. Posthumus make epic movie music by trade. either way, they are amazing!

Track 11

so this song is definitely for Kabe. it's fierce, raw and violent, and kabe spends a lot of time shutting things down. this album and it's title are also intriguing to me. it's called "Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head," but some of the songs have become the soundtrack for the stories in my head. i'm not entirely convinced, by the title and the art on the cover, that this isn't actually a movie that i need to see. *update- nope, i was wrong. i have actually just been sleeping on Celldweller apparently. i need to catch up, they just dropped a new album*

Track 12
'The Funeral'- Band of Horses

the one sad song on the soundtrack. this one is so damn emotional, it perfect for, well, the actual funeral that is game changer in The Family. I hate spoilers, so i won't tell you who eats it, but this song is the protag's entire emotional scale before, during, and after the death. gives me happy chills really.

Track 13

so finishing off the list with my fav Celldweller song, 'Sentinel'. it's absolutely perfect for the protag of the unnamed novel. she's a genetically enginerred human who whas been created to assassinate a tyrant. along the way she has to learn what it means to be human and what it means to be a killer. the name of the song fits her because she is a guardian of the people around her and the song is inspiring in that way. but in the end, she is still a superior ass kicker, just like the ending of the song. love love love love love that i found this song and made it her anthem.

i've already got more songs lined up for the next writing soundtrack, but thats gonna have to wait until the next album. till then, stay with me...

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