Monday, September 29, 2014


really rough day. started out alright. dropped if the lil, played to much skyrim.

but I was late getting out the house, didn't have time to get bill money gas or lunch. but I did go by my moms, where the second bad thing happened. well it happened Sunday night. my moms older brother died. he'd been in pretty bad shape for years, but it's just the way he died. and the way his succubus of a wife has been pretty much for the 25 years they were together. I blame her for all his problems, health issues, distance from the fam, and even his death. I'd beat her head raw if I could. but now that he's passed, I'm sure no one in iur clan will ever see her again, and she'll find another lonely guy to suck the life out of.

any who, after getting the bad news I still had to go to work, but now I have a headache from crying. and of course, it's Monday, we launched out new site at work and we were slammed with calls literally all day with people trying to get in and check on their stupid accounts. it was a long, irritating day.

and the last bit of rotten to the day? my mom's home health care client passed too. they called her Sweetheart. and she was, the cutest lil old lady who spent all her days thinking she was sewing. she was really, really sweet, and my mom took her out on a lot of adventures. I think I'll miss her as much as my uncle.

it's such a high stress time, I don't know why. so much happening, so much to do. my stress level is higher than it's been in a long time and I need to deflate to have energy, desire and motivation to do anything. I'm well overdue of a spa day, haven't been in months. I just feel toxic; I'm sore all over all the time, my head hurts almost daily, I'm irritable, have very little patience, and don't generally want to be bothered by the human race. it's pretty bad.

but hopefully things will calm down a little in November. and I can regroup and see clearly. things will get better. I know they will. they have to.

in the meantime, bluh...
more tomorrow. or later today, depending on your time zone. stay with me...

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