Monday, September 22, 2014

blog 20: failure

so i've been coloring on a picture for two days at work and i love how it's turned out so far and i know the finished product will WOW. but i done goofed. and in planning the background, i didn't size the colors for the fade right, and didn't have enough colors. so now, i need a darker shade of blue to between the last one i used and the final color of black. this is not great concern except i have this insane driving need right now to get this finished. i don't; even want to take a pic to show my progress because it's an incomplete work and it's driving me just a little bit insane.

but i gotta stop. i can't fix the goof. i literally have to buy a darker blue to fade into the black. tie picture will go incomplete for a while. and i could absolutely cry.

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