Friday, September 5, 2014

blog challenge day 4; weight

i blogged so early yesterday, i thought i missed it half way through the day.

anyway, today's talk, weight. i've gained a lot of it recently. and while i've discussed this issue before, it's so prevalent in my daily life, it's one of those things i won't ever stop talking about.

'what brings this on again, kits?'

well, my birthday is in three days. and for whatever reason, i always feel the need for a rebirth, to do better, around my birthday. this year, same. i want to eat better, move more, lose the gut.

i want so hard.

and i usually start strong. a good, solid week of progress. then i 'cheat' or slip up, or completely jump the fuck off the wagon. and all is forgotten for another six months to a year.

i don't know why, i just can't do it. but i still want so hard.

i'm going to start again because hell, something is better than nothing. i'm not even going to shoot for a stereotypical 'beach body', whatever that is. if you're at a beach, you're a beach body, no matter what your weight or shape. i'm just gonna shoot for a pound or two a week. after six months, that's 24 flipping pounds. i'd be pretty proud of that. if i can keep it up, a year later, 1/6th of me gone. all i got is time and nothing to lose. except pounds, of course.

the game plan this go around should be a little easier to accomplish. the lil has an early morning job now. so she's out by 6am, meaning i'll have the house to myself all morning and afternoon before work. i'll be more at ease to shake my ass a little. i like to dance. i think that as an exercise would the best to sustain me, since i get so incredibly bored with repetitive ass actions.

food. food food food food food. eat less of it? eat less crap. this is hard, with the little, but i will try.

i dunno, i just... i just want to lose some of this muffin top and pooch beneath it. work the core, dammit. and loose this froggy chin i've developed. everything else will fall into place, i think.
we'll see. start monday, sep 8th, my birthday. see what happens from there. stay with me...

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