Sunday, September 28, 2014

blog challenge 24: family

today we had a family dinner for my sister's and my birthday. my mom is an amazing ole skool cook and everything she makes is delish. we had chicken, mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, purple hull peas, meatloaf with mushroom sauce and cornbread. yummers city.

but the best part of the day? seeing my oldest brother who i almost never get to see. my brother is... a bit of jerk. and he's stubborn and tends to be reclusive. but he's a pretty decent guy and funny. he 's my dad's only son, so i want to keep in touch with him and keep tabs, so we don't fall out for years again. he was really sociable today, which at times has been difficult. but i think he enjoyed seeing both his sisters and my mom all at once. he told me several times to text or call him sometimes. i plan to. maybe even hang out with him and my sister sometime.

i love my slightly weird family. most of the time.

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