Tuesday, September 23, 2014

blog challenge 21: stuff and such

still upset about that pic from yesterday. i will feel immensely better when i can get a darker blue and finish it. it's too pretty to be incomplete.

not a lot to report today, had a lot of stuff i wanted to run through but i've forgotten most of it. sad

today, bluh. just kind of going through motions lately. i'm in a funk and i'm not entirely sure why or how to get out of it.

been playing way too much skyrim. and a few creepy flash games; see the deepest sleep, deeper sleep and entity. all lots of fun and timely, as halloween is a lil over a month away. but as a cosplayer, halloween comes a lot more often for me.

anywho, i really hope tomorrow is better, i hope i have something interesting and insightful to say. the blog challenge was designed to train me to post more often, but they can't all be these empty, boring posts. next challenge. do better. well, actually the next challenge is to work out for 21 days, and after that, i feel i gotta tackle my japanese lessons for 21 days too. it's a process, one day at a time process to do better, be better.

oh, other news though. i hope to get a chapter of opus off to the editor beginning in october. so nervous and excited. but ready. the year is almost over. time to claim a piece of it, make it grow, put my future in it and watch it bloom. ooo, i like that. i may share it.

anywho, done. something more substantial tomorrow i hope. in the meantime, have a pic of... the first thing that comes up in google images for the word' pic'.

hilarious. more of this tomfoolery later, stay with me

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