Friday, January 29, 2016

not feeling great...

been a while. Can't tell you all thayd happened since I last posted, one, because the majority of it is very uneventful. And two, the thing of note are all negative.

just gonna touch on the right now, if I may.

you'll notice some of my words are capitalized, where normally I don't do that. Well kids, chalk that up to the Windows phone I had to buy when my beloved apple stopped working. And somewhere in settings I haven't cared to explore there is a button to make it stop capitalizing after periods. Not ab bad phone though, but its not great either.

I've lost my mind concerning the DM. That id all I wish to say on that subject.

in other news, I'm very poor, very in debt, and I have a hard time figuring daily how to alleviate my situations in life.

pretty sure I'm functioning depressed. If that's a thing.

I could probably die tonight and be ok. Sucks for whoever has to clear out my stuff, its horrible in here.

I have very little connection to anyone or anything other than this cat and dog. I think the cat senses my uneasiness and keeps me company. Or he sees death and doom lurking about me.

I'm so disconnected from everything. I just don't know that this is normal. I don't have anyone to ask.

and I'm coming off being sick with something. Sinuses, a cold, whatever. Been a suck three days with this shit et al.

I thin I'm done. I'm tired, kind of hungry and I need to wash my hair.

I need something good to happen in my life. Really soon. The bad is killing me. The Lord doesn't put more on you than you can bear. But He's certainly pushing my limits. Maybe ill pray on it, a good thing. See if it works this time. But knowing my life, the answer is probably already no.

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