Tuesday, January 5, 2016


so I took a quiz on Facebook that analyzes your most used words. no great algorithm, it just goes through probably a year of posts and counts which ones come up most. my results

honestly, I expected 'fuck' to be a top word. but maybe this thing is censored. what did surprise me was 'hate'. I don't like to think I'm a hateful person, but apparently I use that word frequently. I don't like that. I used it approximate the same amount as 'love', not as much as 'like'. not sure why I say 'just' so much though. I suppose I say it in exasperation, i.e.,' just stop'. a lot of apostrophes in that paragraph.

either way, of the eight words, two are negative, two are positive, the rest are fairly neutral. then there's that 'want'. that sounds awful. wanting all the time? while I do want for much, I don't like to sound needy about it.

it is a new day in a new year, and with the knowledge that words are power, this kind of ties into a new project I've been doing. everyday around 1030 I stop what I'm doing and post words of wisdom, inspiration, love, positive things. most people don't read them, but I do appreciate the likes and occasional comment. I use several different sources, but I don't name them in the post; quotes from Buddha, the Christian/Jewish bible, the Quran, various influentials. I want people to focus on the message, not the messenger, because anything and anyone can be a source of inspiration.

with this new knowledge that I 'hate' and 'want' so much, I'm going try to make the effort to improve my regular word choices. I'm still going to swear like a sailor and occasionally be less that PC, but I want to make words my strength again, not a weakness. the bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue. it's so true, the things these little character strings can wrought. ugh, I'm in awe of their power, and saddened by their misuse. so I will use them better, to my benefit, and to that of the people I meet and encounter.

off to use words wisely! stay with me!

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