Tuesday, January 5, 2016

quoth the raven 'nevermore'

I wish I'd seen that pic ages ago.

under normal circumstances, I fantasize about the DM all day, every day. today was little exception, especially with the onset of mah lady time, that shit.

but I've been stifling it, with great success the last two days, just picturing the hardbody in the the pink body suit. or imagining said woman fucking the DM. they are brief imaginings, because immediately my libido drops.

interesting thing, though. on break this afternoon, I was on Facebook and accidentally tapped the friend request thing. this never gets tapped because I don't want to be friends with any of the people it suggests normally. except my cute lil gay coworker was the first name, probably because we have iPhones, tracking us in the same location. so I was like, cool. I added him and then checked who else might be on there I wouldn't mind adding, when I came across a familiar name and a pic of a dog I know very well.

now back in the summer, I sent him a request that went unanswered for at least a month before I redacted it. today, however, before that ten minute break was up, he added me. were you on Facebook at the time? it's like 130-140. I know you're at work, did you get a notification? the fuck made you respind that quick? old me would have been gleeful as shit, and been planning weddings and how we'd introduce all these animals to each other. but new me stays firm, and thinks about that chick again.

that's it for story time for now, I gotta get gas and pee. stay with me...

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