Sunday, January 3, 2016


I mean, I already know I was too fat to date. accepted that. but the confirmation came to night.

DM is flipping through pics on his compute, looking for some image he saved for the game. most are sexy half naked fantasy chicks. no big surprise there, as is the norm. but he goes by a picture of a woman in a pink body suit. real woman. the pic didn't show her face but you kind of didn't need to. she's a fucking hardbody, tall, tight fit. I saw it and was like 'whoa, enough of that'. he explains she's in some group he's in, blah, blah, what the fuck ever. she's taking and sending you pics. you're more than acquaintances or friends.

my fat ass will never come close to anything like that. so add yet another man to the list of guys I like but take zero interest in me.

the tough part is being in close proximity so frequently. and I love his dogs. but every time I leave it's a little bit easier to deal. someday this crush will wear off and he'll just be a dude I hang out with, not a dude I want to date...

I'm sleepy as fuck, so let me go to bed. stay with me...

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