Wednesday, January 6, 2016


quick rant: thirsty, desperate, lonely ass women disgust me. really they do. you're willing to fall in one shitty relationship one right after another just to be with a man, to say you have one, to run from alone and whatever lies and demons that are in you. in six months you've been with three men, one you married under cover of darkness, and I doubt the ink is dry on the divorce papers, if either of you even filed for divorce, and you're up canoodling with some other joker. I don't believe God disadvantages people to show them a lesson, but in kind of willing to believe he does with you. Every relationship I've ever known you to be in has crashed and burned horribly. and I've known you what, 7 years or so? if the math holds true, which it almost dies, and you burn through at least three men a year, that's almost 25 men you've been in 'serious' relationships with in that time. why can you not see the problem is you?

you are needy, demanding, gold digging, dependent, you rush shit, you don't get to know these dudes. they pay your ass half a minute of attention and you want to marry them. seriously, how the fuck can you ignore your most serious flaw and behavior problem? just because there are plenty of fish in the sea doesn't mean you have to catch every fucking one.

ok, I'm done. need to get back to work anyway. probably more on this shit later, when you get your heart broken behind some stupid bullshit...

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