Saturday, January 2, 2016

a little follow up

so a few days back I posted about the white girls and their pregnant asses. today I find a black/married friend is knocked up with her second kid two.

I'm sick of these women and their kids. I don't want to be pregnant or even have kids at this stage of my life. but I also don't want to hear about your fucking kids either.

that's where I am. almost everyone I know is couples, married, or married with kids. there are not many hold outs left of the single life. and while most of them are still good to hang, it's going to be at the permission of their partner or they are a fucking package deal.

even though I'm way sick of the couples and kids, I've identified the reason for my single status, so I'm ok. I just have to smile and be supportive and keep my seething to myself. fake it till you make it, Kits, one day you'll give a damn about other people again. maybe...

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