Saturday, October 24, 2015

wtf now...

so new, weird things have come to light and it looks like the DM may have manipulated/guilted j into showing up tomorrow.

j says he is passive aggressive. to me, this is a form of manipulation and manipulation does not bode well with me at all. and above all, I hate drama. there's no need for that kind of foolishness, everyone involved is a fucking adult, so act like it.

I can understand the logic, a little. I feel, after this week, like this is the DM doing what he can to see me (or I'm full of myself and shit and he just likes to get his way) without it being obvious he wants to see me. playing it cool, so to speak.

but, you're in you are mid fourties, guy. we literally don't have time for this shit; the time for coy games is well over.

so I'm in a tiny predicament. I need to know where the DM's head is at. is he planning on waiting till I show up tomorrow to tell me j's not coming, or message me before hand? I believe (at least I want to believe) that he will have the polite decency to say that it would just be me, if I still wanted to come. to which I would gladly say yes and we could finally get some one on one time. but if he didn't, I don't know how I would handle the level of pissed I would be.

so I must be proactive, I must have a plan. Team Virgo. I'm going to text j back later and ask what the DM said. if he's talked to him, I await for the DM to
message me. if not, I'll politely ask him to. then, I'll lie in wait. if the DM messages me, great, I'll take it from there. if not, I'll text him, let him know I know what's up and see where that conversation takes us. I want it to be clear that I'm ok with you wanting to see me, hang out, but not to manipulate the situation. kind of like pre-dating ground rules.

rules for dating Kits, don't be a manipulative ass.

this ride is getting a little too wild. it's frustrating, weird and I kind of want to get off.

stay with me, things are bound to get wilder by the minute...

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