Wednesday, October 21, 2015


so, I tell you I can't play D&D because I'm going to a birthday party.

you say cool, but let me arrange three more dates to play.

I say ok.

then you say, but how about I just change it from Saturday to Sunday so you and one other person can play.

but, you still have two out of four playing either day so...

so I say ok.

I may be reading too much, I may be wrong, but I think he was gonna miss my face those four long weeks. so now we're playing every weekend for three weeks straight. I'm so incredibly flattered by this idea.

I think I want to make overt moves now. if the interest is really there and not just in my head, I want to express it in kind.

this development has really made my day, and I hope I don't end up the fool. I kind of don't care because I want to know for sure, but the greater of me is still very much not about that bullshit life.

I dunno, I want to say more but my mind is too busy. 

you'll get the scoop when I do, lifeless blog. stay with me...

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