Sunday, October 25, 2015

really, really tired

i am a drama and, to the best of my ability, stress free person.

but these silly ass white boys are working my nerves.

so the end to the debacle yesterday was as follows:

I asked j around 7 last night what the DM's response was to him saying he wasn't coming today. he hadn't talked to him, so I said let me know.

I went out last night, had a great time (I'm awesome at pictionary!), but no word from j. this morning I go to church, get drafted into a new role there, and at 11:12, minutes before I'm supposed to be somewhere, I text the DM and tell him j ain't coming. I phrased it with finality, hoping he would offer an alternative. he messaged back "Ahhh ok" at 11:25. but when i checked my stupid Facebook messenger, lo and behold, j messaged me at 11:16 saying he told the DM. 

no you didn't. you got told. I don't know what their conversation was. don't give a damn. they have annoyed the unholy fuck out of me these two days with this foolishness.

j knew Friday he wasn't going sunday. he should have just said that on Friday. and the DM should have just let it go this week. if you wanted to see me, you should have just said so and stop covering behind D&D and j. this has all left me a little sour with both of them 

it's Sunday. I'm tired, hungry and annoyed. I need to deflate; first a nap, then a snack and a little cleaning, after that I feel like playing a game. and hopefully I can get over this aggravation and go into the coming week bright eyes and motivated. hopefully...

if you can stand some more ridiculous  disappointment, stay with me...

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