Sunday, October 11, 2015


read my horoscope from yesterday. it was pretty accurate for a generalized statement that could literally apply to anything or anyone.

"You're going to get a nice, refreshing break from your 'blah' routine today, and it all revolves around other people. The social vibe in your world is positively buzzing, and you're going to get energized by others. That means it's a wonderful day to be with people -- strangers and friends alike. A stadium concert, major league sporting event, or even a crowded shopping mall will inspire you with new ideas -- and might even create a new romantic or professional connection."

things are... covoluted right now with the DM. last night we flirted, a lot. hardcore. problem 1: we were both pretty flipping wasted. he'd been drinking before I got there, late, because he was supposed to tell me we were playing at 2 and he did not. and I spent the rest of the night drinking when I told myself I would not eat or drink anything. thanks to my complete breakdown of disciple, I had the worst hangover I've had in probably a decade. classy.

problems 2: another guy we play with made some super awkward comments about me. I'm a 10, I'm awesome, he'd fuck me. and all that would be great, if he didn't gross and annoy the unholy fuck out of me. all of this in from of the DM. the guy has a history of superior spazzy behavior with woman. and I recognized that he was starting to dig me, but I tried not to encourage it in anyway, since I only want the DM. 

on top of that he was privy to a conversation I had with j about the DM. it actually makes me a bit nervous because the spaz also works with the DM, at least till the end of this week. and I have a strong feeling that when the DM has the "don't talk to kits like that or you can't play with us on skype" talk, because he will, because he's already had to have the same conversation with him about their female coworkers, it will come up. and things will get super fucking high school and all of us are well over damn 30.

j is supposed to be rooting out how the DM sees things this week, but it all feels really stupid and too hard. I dunno. gonna be a weird next couple of weeks...

stay with me...

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