Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday before the con...

alright, welcome back...

still working my nao cosplay, and thank God we're in the home stretch and on schedule.

nao is pleased...

the hood proved to be somewhat easier than i originally anticipated. attaching it to the shirt was a snap, took about an hour hand sewing it. i would have loved to have used my machine, but it was 1 AM and the household was asleep. i want this shit done, but i don't want to be a dick about it.

this morning, i tired the whole thing on about three times adjusting the overage on the back and trimming it down to get a decent shape. in that process, i also decided that my huge hooters do not look good in this top. but i may have a solution. i'm going to go by a sporting goods store and get a compression shirt. i read it helps heavy/large chested cosplayers tame their titties. with the hood done, i got to the part i was most excited about since i started this project: the extra long stripped sleeves.

i was sooo excited. i just knew this would be the easiest, fastest and cutest part yet. it is 10:30 at night and i just finished a little while ago. it. was. HELL. because of this:


the sleeves are so long, i had to bunch them like crazy to maneuver around them to attach them to the furry sleeves. and i had to use my left hand to do most of the stitching because my right hand was stuffed in the rolls keeping it straight and steady. part of the problem is that before this, i had little concept of the proper fabric needed. when i designed the material for the sleeves, i used the cheapest material Spoonflower offered, because it said cotton. and while it is cotton, super smooth and soft, it's like dress shirt material, not tshirt material. so it didn't give as much as i would have liked. which probably would have made rolling it to attach it to the outer sleeves a little easier. six hours to attach two damn sleeves. i know i'm an amateur at this shit, but damn, i feel pretty ashamed of that time.

but, ohmahgosh, SO CUUUUTE!

yeah, gonna have to iron those sleeves :-/
one day and one thing left to do: the mousey face. I'm determinted more than anything for this not to be an all day process. i got a lot of other shit to do. IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! 

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