Saturday, November 9, 2013

i like busy but... shit!

and busy as fuck i am. i've got several irons in the fire right now and they are ALL on a time crunch.

i'm trying my best to rock NaNoWriMo this year, as i excerpted from the novel for this year in my last post. things always go well, as long as i go to work, because i seriously do very little at work. it affords me a lot of time for my distractions (like sewing, writing novels, reading, practicing japanese... you get the idea. i don't work hard). but on those days i don't go to work, all hell breaks loose, because i cannot write at home. talk about distractions! i eat, i clean, i play games, i hang out with the lil sis, i sleep... i do everything but write. i really wish i could rectify that. but it's going to have to come to a point where i have time to not only do all the extraneous bullshit, but have dedicated sit down time (like i have at work) to be able to write at home. of the 15003 words i'm supposed to accomplish by the end of today, i have 7137. at this point, my goal is 3000 words each day to try to catch up. so enjoy the fruits of my most likely ill advised labor...

*be advised, this is a novel for NaNoWriMo, so it's going to be raw, ugly, unedited work!*

The rest of the night was divine and pleasant. After the sun set, the torches were lit. and the men enjoyed one of the finest day of age feasts Endop city had ever seen. Rayar Spellwater had arranged a sampling of every meat and vegetable the region had to offer. Halfway through the meal, he even presented his some with a rare delicacy of cake, brought from Ristia, the nearest city, over 800 treks away.
After dinner the games and entertainment resumed. But Arbitrol was still burdened. He was glad to be a man, to be free of his father’s house and his corrupt ways. But he wasn’t so sure he was ready for the real world. he would have a job, and to top it all off, a wife. He wasn’t ready, he was sure of it.
“Where is my thank you, boy?”
Arbitrol was startled by his father’s voice as he passed a tree near the city center.”
“Father! You scared me out of my skin!”
“that wasn’t my intention, but I’ll surely take my pound of flesh. You didn’t say thank you.”
“I.. I’m sure I did.”
“you didn’t. you thanked the guests. And the servents, especially that deviant sigue. Don’t think I don’t notice how much time you spend with him. You even thanked that old passgass morgory. But not me! Your own father!”
Rayar caught his volume and calmed down. “Thank me now before I beat it out of you.”
“Thank you, father! Thank you. the dinner was magnificent, especially the cake. And the amusements are the absolute best. Thank you for… raising me… to see this day. I… I’m proud to be your son. Thank you!”
“What else?” Rayar asked lowly, stepping closer to arbitrol. He fought back the urge to flinch. Rayar hated to see signs of weakness in him, most of all a flinch.
Arbitrol couldn’t think of what his father meant, then remembered. “thank your for providing me a wife! No son could get a greater gift.”
Rayar stared at his son a moment more. Arbitrol wasn’t sure what his father would say or do. it may be my day of age, but this celebration is for him. his achievement, his power. He’ll do anything he likes, even beat me if he wants to.
A greasy smile eventually curled the corners of rayar’s mouth. “You’re welcome, my one and only son. You don’t believe it when I say it, but I do love you, Arbitrol. I always have. I always will. Everything I’ve ever done was for you.”
“I know, father. Thank you. I love you too.”
Arbitrol gingerly held out his arms and his father grabbed him. they hugged for what seemed longer than appropriate to arbitrol.
“you owe everything to me. All you will ever do. remember that, arbitrol.” His father whispered. Arbitrol felt the familiar numbness he felt when his father said things like this.
“yes sir. Thank you.”
Rayar let his son go suddenly. He looked him over again, smiled, then patted his arms. “go on boy, enjoy your celebration. don’t overdo it. we still have the soire tonight to go.
“Yes sir.”

Rayar turned and strolled back toward the music and he lights of the celebration. Arbitrol was officially exhausted. Both of the party and with his father. He turned to the darkess to rest at home before the soire when he heard yelling behind him.

yeeeaaah, that's tasty. other than nanowrimo, and on a tighter deadline is my outfit for ANT, which is in less than a week. yikes! i shared the pic of my character from Dramatical Murder in the last post and i made a fair amount of progress on the cosplay today. i'm basically turning a regular tshirt into ringer tee with a furry mouse hood. i struggled with the shirt the most because i'm a big girl with tig ole bitties. every huge ass shirt was loose everywhere but my chest and it's kind of crucial for it to be loose everywhere. i might have to find a way to tie these puppies down some between now and next weekend. or everyone that sees it will just have to dispel a lot of belief. I'm leaning toward the latter. 

anywho, today i marked the tshirt sleeves to cut off to add the furry ringer tee sleeves. also took off the collar because i need to reattach it after i get the hood attached. as so:

the hood i cut weeks ago because i was excited about finding a material that not only looked good, but matched the original colors 

i went with a semi-circle cut for the hood instead of two halves. one, because i think the two halves would be ugly and two, i need the hood to be seamless, since i have to put the mousey face on it. let's hope it works out. i kind of don't have time to go buy more fabric to try it again! i'm on the verge of displaying true cosplayer behavior: down to the wire, finish the outfit the morning of the con.

so about that collar, Nao's collar is brown, to match the sleeves. i ain't got time to be dying shit, so i pulled out the good ole acrylic paints and mixed a matching brown.

that's a match, right?

my motto for a lot of this shit is "close enough". it may not be exact because i am a poor amateur cosplayer. but if you're able to scrutinize the mistakes, you're standing to close and need to move around. so i used that mix to paint the collar and it looked really good.

tomorrow i'm looking forward to cutting the sleeves off the tshirt. i'm going to use them as a pattern to make the ringer sleeves, and i might even get them attached (i hope!). once those are on, i can add the hood, put the collar back on and add the face to the hood. that's the game plan at least. here's hoping it plays out right between now and friday. i'll keep ya posted!

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