Sunday, November 10, 2013

sooo gooooood!

i have no fucking idea what i'm doing. but i'm a boss at it. got the sleeves cut off the tshirt today.


gonna round the bottoms of the shirt too, but that's in post. i've got to get the rest of it put together first. i ripped the shirt seams to lay flat and used hem as a pattern for the sleeves, marking them left and right. because i don't need any reason to fuck up at this juncture.

especially sincce i'm out of fabric. the sleeves were right at the edge of the furry fabric. i might lose part of an inch in the pit area, but i'll make that sacrifice for the rest of it to at least look right.

i felt like i got a lot done, but i didn't. i wish i'd had more time today to cut out the sleeves and start sewing them back to the body of the tee. but between church and family shenanigans, this is all i could do. i am very excited about tomorrow, as it is all about me monday. i love to sleep in and kick back monday mornings, do what i want. makes me feel like a lady of leisure one day a week. but i won't stay in bed tomorrow, since want to work on this cosplay. tomorrow sleeves, hopefully get the hood attached,  put the collar back on and then the face. new goal is to get it all done mid week, so i can do some repair work on my Kanaya to wear to the last day of the con. 

in nanowrimo news, yesterday was not productive. i only got a little over a thousand words done. the goal was 3k. i'm not fretting though. i think as long as i get something in, the daily minimum at least, once the con and birthdays and shit are over, i can buckle down the last few days of the month and get to 50k. if not, chalk up another incomplete year and wait for next november. i've got so much other stuff to write on anyway. some of which, i will bring to this blog.

speaking of writing, have some. the blog exclusive story i mentioned long, long ago. it's just a snippet, since i haven't worked on it much and don't have a lot done. the premise, numbers personified as high school kids. weird? yeah, it is, i know. but for some reason, i have always given numbers personalities and traits. it never helped me in school, because math was never my best subject. but it made them more meaningful some how. so! without further ado, the first installment of Number's Game. enjoy!

*forgive the errors, this is unedited work!*

Golden yellow light streamed through One’s bedroom window. It warmed his face and woke him up. Slowly he opened his eyes, looking up at the window and the brilliant new day outside.
He grinned. “this is it,” he whispered, then got up and headed to the bathroom.
Half an hour later, he was washed, brushed, dressed and ready for the first day of his senior year. He trotted downstairs to the kitchen and found his little brother already at the kitchen island, nibbling on toast.
“Morning Z!” he said cheerily as he grabbed a plate from the cabinet.
Zero mumbled a greeting as he dropped a pat of scrambled eggs on the floor. Like lightning, Sassafras bolted under One’s legs and scooped up the egg. The next second he leapt from the floor to Zero’s lap, up onto the island, cleaning his whiskers and paws.
“You know mom doesn’t like it when you feed the cat your food, bro,” One warned
“Are you going to tell?” Zero raised an eyebrow at his brother defiantly.
“Nope, but she’s gonna know why Sassers is on the counter.”
One took a seat at the breakfast table. Zero looked back at him warily and pulled Sassafras into his lap.

that's all you get for today, kids. just a taste is all you need. to be continued, probably after nanowrimo. tomorrow, more cosplay goodness!

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