Friday, November 1, 2013

*dusts of blog* this thing still work?

shit i hope so...


i don't suppose you missed me, did you?

well i damn sure missed you.

Well where the hell were you, Kits? why'd you leave, where'd you go?

well my babies, summer was a busy, busy, time for me. i went to afest, had a birthday ("26" years young, baby!), improved my art, took up sewing, did some partying, met some cool as hell peeps, got a second job, became re-inspired to write, committed to one more con this year, finished two video games, looking to play two more, celebrating the little sister's 18th soon, along with thanksgiving, christmas, new years... needless to say, i'm a bit exhausted and a little overwhelmed.

however, in addition to all the crap i ALREADY have going, i've added fitness and wellness to my plate. and to track the progress of said self improvement, check out my new blog, The GoodGirlGrind.

as for this lovely little spot, i'll be updating a lot more often along with The GoodGirlGrind. i won't bore you with all the action you missed in the last few months, but instead start fresh with current happenings, starting, wait for it.... tomorrow! yay you! and like my other blog, this one will be updated, looking good, connected to social medias, so on so forth.

so look forward to it, kids!

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