Tuesday, November 12, 2013

T minus 2 days

*original post delayed due to no flipping pics!*

i dunno what the T stands for. touch down? whatevs, gotta make this quick. it's crunch time.

so i got ringer sleeves on the tee. this should have been gravy, but i spent an hour of the two i had to day, sewing a sleeve on inside out and another hour ripping the seams to put it on right. by then, it was work time, so i grabbed the materials and tools and have been sitting here for, oh, 6 hours handsewing sleeves that should have taken ten, twenty minutes tops, had i not fucked up the first time. but the sleeves are half done and cute.

i tried it on and and, much to my chagrin, it's not nearly as loose as i would like. but you know what, i'll loose weight, i'll strap down my tits, whatever. what i'm not going to do is try this again. it will still be cute and recognizable once it's done.

next problem on the agenda, however, is the hood. it's hangs loosely around Nao's head in cute, clothes-two-sizes-too-big-for-you sort of way. i originally measured a nice wide berth of 21" so it would cover my huge head and still hang. this is, however, WAY too big for the poor little 26" neck of my shirt. the pattern i ripped off for the hood was for a Padme Amidala costume.

but it's ruched to the neck of a cape. i can't ruch this. it would look stupid. so i have to trim the hood, and i'm fucking scared because i'm afraid that if i cut too much, it won't hang right and be all tight against my huge head. but there's nothing for it but to do it. i just hope i don't have to go fabric shopping tomorrow because of this...

so now it is 1030 on monday night an the goal is to have this shit done no later than wednesday night. in addition to finishing this puppy, i have to wash my hair tuesday, bleach my bangs wednesday repair my Kanaya cosplay thursday in case i decide to wear it. all this between two jobs and whatever else live chucks at me between now and then.  NO MORE, PLEASE, LIFE! I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR IT!

the heat is on...

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