Friday, November 15, 2013

Anime North Texas!

is right now!

I was later than i wanted to be, but i made it to the con! it's nothing like akon or even animefest. it's there first year and it's really, really tiny. like, so tiny i see the same dude in a fox cosplay in every panel i go to. granted, we both end up in cosplay panels, but still, tiny cute little con.

but i had fun today. it was surprisingly easy to get to, despite crap traffic (i hate traffic by the way. like really, hate). not a lot of cosplayers, but a few recognizable faces. i expect there to be a lot more tomorrow, since saturday is usually the biggest day for most conventions.

they have some decent artist and vendors and i plan on making a few purchases. nothing crazy, since i don't have room or money for all the things i want. the only downside to this particular saturday is that i will have to bolt out and miss one of the cosplay panels i wanted to attend to go to a funeral for a coworker. I won't dwell on that, since this is about the con and it makes me super sad, but Jimmy 'Dale' Moore was a damn good man. con's come and go, but this is my only chance to say farewell to a friend.

so back to ANT, one downside to this con and its location, there's like no food. the convention staff have some tiny snacks, and they are selling cups to get free drinks from the hotel, but there are no food trucks and the cafe in the hotel lobby is a little weird. weird as i never see anyone actually working. just a random table or two of hotel guests. most of which are gawking at the costumed freaks that have apparently taken over the place. i love being a costumed freak and making people look twice. warms my cockles. but i actually had to leave the hotel, drive a 18 minutes that turned into half an hour (fuck you traffic. fuck you and go to hell.) and come back for my last panel. and i only got a burger. tomorrow and sunday though, i plan on indulging in some of the better restaurants.

other than that, it's a standard con. everyone has been really nice and peaceable. no fandom wars (that i'm aware of), no over crowding, the panels are good... overall, good con so far. i plan on attending again next year.

oh, yeah. and here's a pic of the finished product...

i was never happy with the hood, but hey, i can live with it. more tomorrow...

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