Tuesday, March 17, 2015

random random random

first, i kind of find a speech impediment in women cute. like the lovely sarah paulson.

in other news. tonight is the last night in the call center at work. next time i come to work it will be at hq. it think. things are a bit confusing on that issue. where i was once so excited, it now sucks. looking at my morning routine, i will essentially spend two waking hours at home from now on.

i wake up around 10, 1030, putter around till 2-230, drop off the little at work, then get to my job. once we move over, i have to drop my sister off at 1, get to work at 2 for the gym and then do my eight hours. by the time i get home, i just wanna feed my kids and go to bed. i'm so heart broken. it's good for me, the change, the gym, but i don't want it anymore. i want my lazy ass mornings and late days into the office. i'm upset.

the coworker and i are getting closer. it's nice and kind of weird. she's so fucking wacky and sheltered. but she recognizes it and she wants to do and see more. i approve of this and volunteer to be her Aladdin and show her something out side her home town.

i don't know what's the deal with the guy. told him i went out of town this past weekend. didn't. just didn't want to go out with him. i should let him know, he bores the unholy shit out of me. nice dude, we just don't have a whole lot in common and i sense he has a low tolerance for stepping out side his comfort zone. don't see him being my con buddy this june or watching anime with me.

otherwise, i guess things are ok? i started cleaning my living room. need to get the floor straightened out and figure out what to do with james' litter box. i want it on the balcony, but i don't want it getting wet if it rains or leaving the patio door open 24/7. brandi is still pretty sick. lost a lot of weight, her poop isn't quite solid and there's been some spotty blood, plus her ears are a battle; she wakes up in the morning and shakes her head and rubs her face on the carpet for at least an hour. the plan is to get her to the vet this weekend. i pray i have enough money...

meh, i think i'm done and i have a significant amount of follow-up work to do so i should get on that. till next time, stay with me...

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