Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I got nothing

feel like expressing a bit with nothing to really say.

snowing in Texas again. like really really for real hard tonight. I doubt work will be cancelled on the morning, seeing as it is a car auction and driving in shit is supposed to be their bread and butter. but I'll keep the sound on my phone tonight.

binge watched half the third season of American horror story tonight. is it their best season? nah, not really. the second was best to me, dealing with the history of psychology a bit. but it's still a lot better than the first, campy ghost city. I'm looking forward to the fourth, whenever I get around to it. don't know why, but I have a soft spot for freaks.

I killed DnD tonight. we finally get around to a table to play and I forgot my character sheets. still, worked out well since the weather turned heinous. I'd have been driving home from mesquite on ice and snow. God is good.

worst part of the night? my dog took a huge diahrretic shit in the floor while I was talking to my sister. it was crazy. one minute she's running around, getting lovins from us, we stop paying attention to her for like two minutes, turn around and there a big puddle of shit on the carpet. it was an awful mess to clean, but I got it quick, didn't stain the carpet, but that will definitely be a spot I hit on a regular basis with the steam cleaner. which I really need another of. I've had that one since I've had brandy. mama needs an upgrade.

well, I'm tired, got nothing else to say, not that this was just riveting. tomorrow, maybe some snow pictures since I didn't take any the first two times. stay with me...

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