Tuesday, November 25, 2014

what constitutes a day on this site?

just a random question, doesn't even matter

sick. again. this time, light sneezies, a little sore throat and some coughings. i don't feel miserable, i just feel tired. but tomorrow will be busy time with the lil and her boyfie. they are running me just a bit ragged.

to ease my stuffy soreness, i bought an assload of tea. i do love tea. hot cold, creamy sweet, i'll drink almost any tea. except  tea with lemon. i got some teas i've never even heard of, but they were only a dollar a box. so if they suck, i can give them away and not be out a lot of money.

finally heard from the coworker's brother. we're just texting, so i'm not getting excited or anything. the list to impress me is very short. even i don't know what is on that list. i guess i'll add to it, if something ever impresses me. i sound so pessimistic and elitist. but, i am. i am pessimistic and elitist about dating.  i can't have my time, energy or emotion wasted. it's a little sad really, i just want to get to the point, either forever or nothing. i know life doesn't work in such absolutes. but i need them to work for me like that. i don;'t know what i will be life if i have emotionally vested in someone and it doesn't work out. i will either be a miserable bitch forever, or i will go full on ballistic. not sure which, but i think the latter. scary. anywho, all this to say, we'll see...

i haven't drawn anything since the last Sweetheart. but i got the froyo girl planned out, just need to find a cute pose. i have been writing though. i'm back into frank, cranking out anything that will come out. is it a story? yes, a good one. is it well written? not really, but that's in post; i just need to get the story out for now. in fact, i should be working on that now, but being a sickie, i don't feel like it.

next time, something interesting, i hope. stay with me...

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