Saturday, November 22, 2014

more arts

the newest Android Sweetheart

that's milk she's surfing on, i didn't forget to color the water...

this one was fun and i got the idea from a coworker. i was stumped for about a week how to bring this one to paper. next is frozen yogurt. not sure the pose yet, but she will be wearing only in strategically placed froyo, a bracelet and a smile. look forward to that.

i got no other news really. went to see The Color Purple, the musical. it was well acted and very moving. i will be watching the movie as well in the near future. the sets left a lot be desired, though, and there was one point where they used a picture of a live action car in the background ambient scenery. it was literally ridiculous. everyone in the audience was appalled. to the point that when a car horn sounded toward the end of the play, everyone groaned, thinking it was going to be another car picture. but they spared us the second time. thank god. followed the play with dinner at ihop and quality time with the lil and her boyfriend. he's annoying, but he's mostly a good person. hopefully he (and she) grow out of those goofy little irritating tendencies and do some good.
no news on the cosplay front. all of the upcoming ones are very planned out, thanks to cosplanner, but i haven't bought anything new. there's a costume place in ft worth i want to try whenever i get a chance to go that way. probably make a day of it on a saturday or a wednesday. what i did buy recently were a pair of adorable handwarmers in the shape of buttery toast

aaawww yeaaa!

i got them for the brutal winter mornings to come at the part time. but the way things are going, it's looking like i might not even get to use them. these cute, very expensive, unusable things.

other than those things i got nothing. i've been trying to write, but not with a whole lot lot of success. the opus is boring and i want to pay some one else to edit at this point. Lanky Frank has me in a corner, kind of. i don't like what i've written in the current chapter so far and i don't know how to get to the point i want to get to. been working on a different old project too, but it's not as enticing as it once was. i did get a call from a 'publishing consultant' that i requested some info from. but it feels already like i'm going to do a lot of buying of things and/or services i don't need or want. i dunno, not necessarily back in the rut, but not going forward either. just a lot of grand ideas. i think that's worse than being stagnant.

but look at me rambling when i said i had nothing to say. i dunno what i was thinking. guess i just needed to talk. thanks for listening, my babies. stay with me...

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