Friday, November 28, 2014

friday night in the suburbs...

doesn't matter anyway, i'm at work.

good evening, my babies.

so pretty sure this is/was the flu. wed was extremely difficult to stay upright, alert and awake and i ached all over. but i'm betty badass and i had too much stuff to do so i barreled though the day as best i could. i did complain though, as frequently as i could and when i deemed appropriate. thursday was a little better, but not much. i was still super exhausted, had a headache and my nose was either a running faucet or a tiny Sahara on my face. but it was thanksgiving, and i couldn't be a baby bitch on thanksgiving. today is much like yesterday. i'm still tired, the achies came back and my head and nose are killing me. but here i am, plugging away at work. there is truly no rest for the wicked.

other than the health report, not a whole lot more to report. my order for the hand warmers got cancelled due to back order. but that's good, because they are now cheaper. even after shipping, it will be cheaper than the base price on smoko's site. i'll just try it again next friday.

started researching patterns for the things i have to make for cosplays. which will be moot if i don't get around to paying for the cons, but i digress. it's going to be an action packed year of flying by the seat of my pants as i can't find exactly what i need, but can probably modify what i do find. it's an exciting challenge.

also made a major financial decision today. i want to pay my car off. i've done the math that paying my car note every time i get paid will pay it off in around eight months as opposed to the almost twenty-two i have left. i think i am willing and able to swing the sacrifice. at the very least, i'll try. it means i can't buy hundreds of dollars in food a month, which is good as well as i plan to lose some serious poundage in 2015. i am a fat person, and i think i'm legitimately tired of it now. to offset it, however, i'm going to respectfully request the lil start putting $100 on the rent or start buying her own food. i think she'll opt for the latter, since i'm sure she will think it's cheaper. i hope she does. the food i buy and eat will be hugely more varied and healthy than any of the shit she buys, so i can finally eat right, not feel guilty for not catering to her and save money. plus, the money i was spending on the car and food can go to my savings toward the down payment on a house. i may actually be out of that apartment in 2016. my god, it's a huge win win for me. i hope i can actually pull it off.

lastly, the personal front. wow, a first here, folks, a positive in the romance column. so far, he's alright. we mostly talked about games and sports, but he impressed me, legitimately. he not only knew of my favorite game company, but played and liked one of their games. i may not date him, but we will definitely hang out and maybe game online together. the conversation lulled today, but i'll try tomorrow morning to pick it back up with some irrelevant banter. baby steps...

alright, i think i'm done here. i should be writing. stay with me...

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