Monday, November 17, 2014


i really just wanted to look at my blog. i'm weird.

anywho, today is monday. it sucks. not crazy busy at work. but i also don't have enough to occupy me between calls. so i colored in a coloring book, ate and i'm slowly working on the third chapter of A Night in the Life. i love this novel.

no word from my 'editor.' i hope she's ok. or maybe she changed her mind. but i think she would tell me. we always seemed to have a good rapport. at this point however, i want someone else to edit the opus. i love that novel as well, but i't been a decade, i'm tired of looking at it and i'd really like to finish book two of the series.

i don't have shit else to say other than right now, i hate being female sexed. that is all. stay with me...

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