Saturday, November 15, 2014

some kind of revival...

bonjour, France. don't know what i'm doing to keep you coming back, but i sure will try to continue it.

i felt good today. have been feeling good for the last two days. i feel motivated, i have plans. not sure what the change is, but i hope it lasts.

i spent most of yesterday and the beginning of today at work planning out cosplays. found a phenomenal, fun app called cosplanner. lets me slap all my plans and progress in one easy to access and edit place. that should keep me motivated for a while, especially since i have five listed already with more to add later.

for the next con season i'm focusing on two characters from BoJack Horseman, Bojack himself and Diane Nyguen, as well as Ai Enma From Hell Girl (Jigoku Shōjo), and a constantly evolving kitsune costume (that's fox in japanese, westerners). Bojack will be mostly a closet cosplay. i bought a horse head and already have a blue sweater. i just need a blazer, a pair of jeans and red shoes. i want a binder to draw away from tits; the binder i did get was way too small. gonna have to go more professional and, alas, more expensive. Diane, however, is gonna be a little more work. i need to make a crop top jacket and alter a pair of booties to match her look. really, i would love to see a costume change for her in season 2. it's a cartoon and all the major characters dress a little weird, but i'm not entirely sure what the hell they were basing her style on, it's kind of gross. the hell girl cosplay is just going to cost a lot of money. i found a site that sells the kimono costume in my size which is fantastic in that i don't have to try to sew a kimono or recreate the flower pattern on said abomination. in addition to that, i found a wig, a pair of authentic japanese geta, tabi and even pinkish red contacts. it's going to be beautiful, once i can afford it. lastly, the kitsune; it started out with the concept of being a nine tailed fox. but the faux fox fur i found is very, very expensive. and heavy. it would be a momentous to try to attach nine of these things of my desired size on an outfit or even a belt. so now it's a single tail, beautiful fox woman. i have the hair, makeup and accessories planned, but i haven't formulated a good concept for the outfit itself. of course, i want it to be eastern themed. but all i can think of is a slightly slutty kimono/cheongsam. but i'll figure it out...

also good news, i may have my house back to myself soon. the little has slowly leaked to me that she's planning on moving to tennessee with her boyfie next summer/fall. while i don't agree with the idea of going clear across the country with some dude without more of a plan, i also kind of don't care. it's their lives, if they fail/fall apart, they will have to figure it out. but the prospect of her leaving has renewed me in a way. sooner than later, i will be alone with the critters. i can do what i want, when i want without having to haul someone somewhere, buy them things like food and stuff they can't afford, have them run up my electricity bill. i can clean my fucking house the way it was before the flood of '12. with just me in a house with the animals, no more spills or smells or clutter or junk. because i'll be either in my room or my kitchen, occasionally in my office. oh my god, i'm so happy just thinking about it. i love that girl, and i will miss her (if this even plays out the way they are "planning") but i wish i could get her out sooner!

oh, and i've been very productive artistically recently. check it and see:


I'm working to improve. i like the first one, the second one, torsos, fucking torsos. and the third one started out great, but the right side of the picture looks like it belongs to a different, enlarged version of the subject. but if i don't practice, even ugly shit like this, i won't get any better.

lastly, before i end this long ass post, i'm being set up by a coworker with her brother. it's interesting. the more she described him the less likely it was he would share my interests, though. he is a gamer according to her, but that's about the extent of what we may have in common. i'm not holding my breath for anything. it's actually probably over before it's begun since i gave her my number for him tuesday and it is saturday night and not so much as boo.

ugh, anyway, good talk, kids, stay with me...

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