Wednesday, November 25, 2015

single and disappointed

and so I shal forever remain.

the DM thing was a nice lil distraction of sorts, but now that that's over, still single, waiting on my one true nerd.

but I think about it, I'm probably not going to meet him at this point. I'm frikking 34, yo.

and I don't know how to date or meet people, so I do awkward, insane shit like what I just came out of. doing so with every person I'm remotely interested in is not healthy.

and I don't know the alternative either. sooo- buttons. I don't have a solution. I really don't want to Internet date, being set up sucks, and I don't meet/attract people I'd be interested in.

poor stupid fat me, I guess.

let me get these fortress windows polished up pretty. gonna be staring out of them for a long time.

stay with me, one day soon I'll be interesting...

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