Sunday, August 9, 2015

whine piss moan

outside outside outside
always the laughing singing dancing puppet
doing all the motions

inside quiet alone scared lonely.

I despise the inside. there is no way out.

join me in the inside of you dare. none do.

why? why me? why not me? am I too gruesome to be believed? only to be seen outside, laughing singing dancing?

am I not vulnerable, too secure, not dependant, not a suckling? why should I have to be?

I don't get it. what is the formula, what is the answer? why can't I figure it out? I'm not stupid, but why don't I understand?

what am I waiting for? why do I have to wait? have I missed it? is it ever even going to come?

as the day grows ever later with each passing second minute hour day week month year, I fear, it will not.

locked inside, quiet alone scared lonely and unhappy...

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