Monday, August 31, 2015

I've done it

I've found the thing that will keep me falling for the dm. these 'flirtations' occurred after he'd been drinking. I don't mind the drink, he's an adult and knows how to take care of himself, limits and all that. so it's probably a case of beer goggles and me being the only 'single' woman there. quotes because I don't know if he knows the status of my friends relationship. almost sure he does though.

anywho, drunken flirts don't count, so until I see him interested while sober, Saturday was just talk.

where does that leave me? two internet guys. one whom I'm starting to think is an untreated bipolar, and some other random joker who I think is cat fishing. good thing it's the fake email I gave him.

oh well. it was fun to think about for a couple of days. Crushgate continues I suppose? either way, stay with me...

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