Saturday, August 15, 2015


I am a grown ass woman with a crush. I am too old for this middle school, he loves me he loves me not, senpai notice me shit. yet here I am!

I kind of like my DM. he's short cute funny a huge fucking old ass nerd, loves dogs and has his shit together. 

I love going to his house, playing the game he runs, listening to and watching him be a goof for the benefit of the game. I think about him when we don't even play. I can not believe how hard im crushing!

but nothing must ever come if it. the dynamic would be ruined. he's such a good guy if anything came to pass (which it almost definety wouldn't because I'm too fucked up to be with a person romantically), I would be able to show my face at that game again and I would miss it like crazy.

so like everything else in life I'll bottle it down, try my best to suppress the notion until it goes away, or at least it's not always on my mind, or until he does something so fucked up I can't deal. kind of hope that happens first.

too tired to keep typing. stay with me to see where this Crushgate goes...

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