Sunday, August 30, 2015

where we are in the world

of my many current concerns, many are much more pressing than tonight's topic. but I don't even want to burden myself with thinking about them, so I'll go with the lighter topic.

there may be something brewing between me and the DM. I'm not getting my hopes up. but last night's game was... intriguing. lots of little comments and a few questions about me. and I found he has a preference for women of color.

this is all circumstantial, sound and fury, not signifying a whole lot. toward the end of the night though, he invited me to his pirate party in a few weeks. it was suggestive, and I liked it. a lot. I don't think I conveyed my interest though. I feel it's both to early since I've confirmed or denied nothing. yet I also feel I should have, to kind of throw it out there to see if he bites. shit I certainly hope so, in every sense possible. but I digress!

I did make an off hand remark about him getting a new roommate when one of our other players mentioned a large spider outside. I did not fully get his reaction since we were all talking at once about the spider.

I feel like a dumb little kid, crushing so hard and not having the gall to tell the person in question. and I feel this will end fatally like every other crush I've EVER had. but at the same time it's kind of fun and cute to imagine what could be. I dunno; I like the guy. I just hope he finds something endearing about my big ole fat weird ass too.

more weirdness and bullshit later. stay with me...

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