Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Kits' Taxi Service! everywhere you want to go at no convenience to me!

I'm sick of this shit. I don't mind being nice, helping folks out when I can. but only on my terms. don't volunteer me for shit, don't assume that I'll say yes. fucking ask first.

but of course, I've set the precedent. it's my own fault for being run the fuck over, every day of my life, because I always say yes.

but saying no, telling folks to figure out their own lives, that makes me the bitch.

I have zero responsibility to anyone except my dog and cat. everyone else in the equation has minds, mouths and cell phones, call someone else, make arrangements, make fucking friends. but please stop reliaing on 'good ole kits who will drop her entire life to service you without thanks or compensation'. give a bitch a break, please.

I'm just going to pop off one day. turn off my cell, go MIA, be unseen and unheard from for a couple of days. that sounds fucking delicious. I'm gonna plan it today. see where you bitches are and how your mouths and phones suddenly work when you have to fend for yourselves. fuck. I absolutely cannot wait. stay with me for the results, folks...

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