Saturday, February 14, 2015

holy shit snacks, it's mah birfday!!!

well, at least the birthday of this blog. i actually forgot this year until google showed my birthday doodle. thanks google, the day may have gotten away from me otherwise.

how could i forget such a momentous day as the inception of my worthless, self serving blog? life has been crazy in the last month.

in the midst of my frantic worrying about moving and money and shit, my apartment flooded late last month. the water heater in the apartment above mine (the one the property manager stays in) kind of exploded. a pipe on it did anyway. with enough pressure to wash out her drywall and flood the space between our apartments.

every ceiling fixture in the living room, kitchen and guest bathroom were pouring water. it was surreal but familiar

there's a little sister in there somewhere...
yes, the apartment resembled a scene from bioshock, yet less fun. eventually the drywall in my apartment gave out too and huge chunks of ceiling starting falling out. in the end, the ceiling in everything but the bedrooms is gone. so essentially, i was homeless for a few hours until the property manager called and said she just had an apartment cleaned up and ready to go the same day the flood happened. so i have a new home, at the same price of the last one, for another year.

but wait, there's more. i've been moving for almost a month. a little a time i've been gathering my crap from the old washed out apartment to my new one. and it's be so arduous. the one day i had to move all the heavies, i still had to leave my dining table and sofa sleeper. i'm wondering if it's even worth it to haul them across the property and up a flight of twisted stairs. my back says no.

i'm mostly done though, except for my sister's filthy little hole. i still have stuff in there amidst her shit. while it really wouldn't take long to knock out. i've been dreading it like hell. but i also want to be done so i can finish setting up my new place. it doens't feel like home until it's decorated and clean. right now it looks like a carpeted storage unit.

that's the big story. in other news, dating is weird and awkward. that is all.

thinking about a trip in late summer. but i'm already not about to go because there's no one to watch my kids. i couldn't afford to board them and besides, my dog would have an absolute bitch fit. she already loses her shit when i leave the house for a few minutes. a week without mommy would be the end of her poor little life. james, he wouldn't care, as long as he gets fed. i love them desperately, but they are truly limiting my life.

things are about to change at work. the move happens 6 mar. i'm good, i'm glad. my fat ass needs the gym and to lose weight. gotta start my habit strong. no less than an hour every day i work. i've been improving my diet a bit this week. a lot of salad. some fruit. i still ate unnecessary bullshit. but with all the hauling and trekking with furniture and my worldly belongings, i think i worked a good bit of that off. if i cut it out all together, i will be one fit bitch.

i think that's all i got. except i am so buttfucking sleepy and tired. all these early mornings taking care of stuff. i am not a morning, daytime person.

um, lots of little stuff too, but i'll get to aaall that in later posts. until then, stay with me.

here's to another year...

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