Sunday, February 15, 2015

brief rant, won't take long...

i've been in my current job since summer of 2012.

coming up on the three year mark, i realize i kind of hate it. i'm actually really tired of talking to people. and in the current climate of this place, i do it way more often than i should in this position. i know most of what i should to do this job and my manager's job too, should i so choose. i do not choose. i would hate to be a manager here. christ almighty, i think i'd quit first.

anywho, all that being said, i think i'm ready for a change. my original plan was two years as an underling, four as a supervisor, then try to work my way past manager to a different department or training for this one. it doesn't look like i'll get to be training anytime soon. there's three of them now and they are all top notch apparently. so i need to look at different departments in the company. maybe with more money and better hours. maybe...

i currently live off the shift differential i get working into the middle of the fucking night. and i absolutely fucking hate mornings. so i don't necessarily want to work another department unless it pays damn well. but i do want my social life back. i have game nights and date nights, i guess, and other activities i could be doing while i'm slaving away in the dark, unchallenged and under appreciated.

i'm about to look now. with the move to hq, maybe it's also time to move out of this place. i dunno. i love the lazy abundance of downtime i have. i read, write, draw, all my favorite things. but i don't wnt to be stuck in this place doing this job forever. at the most, one more year. at the least, another life change for 2015 is right around the corner.

let's see what happens, stay with me...

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