Thursday, December 31, 2015

feel like a chat...

it's New Year's Eve. I'm going to Oklahoma tonight with my sis and her son to winstar. that's cool and everything.  I'm glad to be getting out the house and doing something different.

the lil annoyed me though. wanted to lay up in my house tonight with her boyfriend. nope! you are the shittiest roommate and houseguest ever. so you're not allowed unless I'm there and consenting. I do not give consent.

in other news, I asked j about his shitty cowboy tickets and he made a remark about the DM. I replied with confusion, hoping for clarification. he did not clarify. whatever. DM had his chance.

it's a new year. 2015 was shitty to me for eight months. this year, I'm pampering the fuck out of myself. I'm going to be more selfish of myself and my time more than ever. no one else is going to take care of me but me, fuck them. so it's about time that I do it.

2016 spring break is going to be too short to do anything, but 2017, week vaca, I want to do some traveling. hell, maybe even a little the end of 2016. this is my one go round, I don't want to die completely boring.

well, I didn't have anything of real value to say, that's it. stay with me...

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