Friday, December 4, 2015

how are you feeling?

alright, how are you?

mental health today. common topic, here's today's spin.

mental health is so important for me. and it pisses me off when people self diagnose on fucking Google. honestly, I don't want to rant about that. let's discuss my mental health.

I want to learn to properly meditate. I find that other than sleep, I never really stop and not think. I overthink. everything, all the time. and my mind stays so full with all the things I need to do, want to do, can't do. and the world and the people in it are so shitty and I hate feeling that way about almost everything everyday. I need time to not think. feel my true self in the universe as God and nature intended. I need time to just be and exist in one moment and feel at least ok. I should start my research tonight...

stay with me, see if I gain any ground on this new enterprise...

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