Sunday, December 6, 2015


so today wasn't too bad. I'm still upset and angry and confused an unhappy about last night. but family and friends made me feel a special.

went to church, helped out a lot, got free food. a middle aged church lady needed to go to a popular beauty supply store and asked if I wanted to come with. I agreed, and we spent a lot of time talking and just enjoying the day. she even offered to buy me very expensive hair. which I declined for now, seeing as I know a fair amount about her financial situation and she's having major surgery later this week. but she promised to buy it during tax season.

while we were wrapping up our shopping, my sister called and invited me to try a restaurant we've been talking about for months. so a few hours later she picks me up and we drive to the spot. this place is wild. very ethnic and at the time we get there, bumping like a night club. it is an unusual business model: the serve daquaris of all flavours in plastic jugs, along with various creole Cajun foods. it's run by people from Louisiana, and tonight they have watch parties for New Orleans Saints games, who won tonight. we get to the counter and my sister pays for my drink and I use the ten the church lady gave me to buy a meal. I got the second size in their line up, Allen the professional, a quart of your daquaris choice

this thing was freezing and strong as hell. mine is the orange one and it didn't make it much past that before we left the restaurant. but it's cool, because here's the wildest part about this place: in Texas, you can't leave a business that serves alcohol in an open container. no straws, sippy cups, styrafoam, none of that. this place gets around that rule by resealing your jug with a new cap as you leave. so even if you down half of it, if a cop looks at it, the can't call it an open container because the seal isn't broken. because we drink frequently and heavily, I'm going to get a half gallon for our next game night.

speaking of...

so I had a good time today,despite last night's meltdown. at this point, I just don't get the DM. I went into last night with everything turned off. no flirting, no emotion; just a chick playing dnd at a dudes house. but he was back at the weird flirty thing again. and he stared at me all night. I caught him once and the look on his eye was just... pure desire.  and then he looked away. I just want to know what the deal is. that's all I've ever wanted. but this man is a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

I could go on more because I'm so perturbed by his behaviour. but I've also had a long day and I'm sleepy.

I'm sure you want off this coaster but please, stay with me...

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