Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the 'healing' process

yeah, but not really.

it's the 'shut down, don't give a fuck anymore' process.

we have come full circle to the origin of this blog on my birthday. I don't want shit out of life anymore but to do me.

add another ten stories to those walls around me. reinforce those bitches with concrete, steel and iron. don't care, I got some windows, I keep them mostly clean. anybody coming in is going to need a wrecking ball, that's literally how serious it is now.

I'm so done wanting and hoping without a response. so let's not expect or want anything, can't be disappointed that way.

and I'm not going to make an awkward ass of myself for anything or anyone. I'm not thirsty, I'm like a mother fucking ocean, I ain't running dry.

so there we are. no one engages me, I don't engage them. we all fucking good and I go on doing what I've done all my adult life. I can't think what makes me keep trying after all these tried and true years to the contrary. but I'm determined not to waste any more time or life in fruitless enterprises.

stay with me, if you want...

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